Roth then La Haute?

I have a clubmate who is doing Challenge Roth with me next year and would really like to do the La Haute route as well, which is 6 weeks later. The question she posed was "How long does it take to recover well enough from an Ironman to then take part in an Alpine stage race? How best to go about recovering?"

She did Bolton this year (first IM) and was supposed to be doing a standard 6 weeks later but had to DNF because of a mechanical quite early into the bike. She said she felt the standard would have been fine if she'd been able to finish it

Anyone got any wisdom they could impart?


  • she does know that the entry fee for the HR is €1200??? OK - that includes a lot as part of the package but still no accommodation or travel costs in that. hope she's happy shelling out a lot of money for a hard ride!!

    as for recovery, if she's IM fit then she should be OK in a week or so after Roth and she just needs to keep her riding up which is easier than running as it's non-load bearing.

    I did a an off-road tri 2 weeks after IM Wales and felt fine for that
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