Chelmsford Saucony 10k

Hi has anyone done this race that can give any information ? And if I post entry on Monday 14th is that still ok ? Thanks


  • Some of my club-mates did it a couple of years ago, and were not impressed.

    The HQ was a long way from the actual start and/or finish, and the results took days to come up on the website.

  • I`ve run it a few times and enjoyed it Ian.

     I will be there on Sunday.

  • Has everyone had their numbers turn up? We have not received one of ours, but have the email that was received last week when entered.....

    Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be any contact info on the email itself, apart from an email link which doesnt work haha

  • be careful of the sunday boy racers whizzing around through the essex lanes. a generally horrible race poor marshalled and a very long walk to the start!

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