Soooooo tired

Hello everyone I wonder if you can offer any advice.

Recently i have been really finding my runs difficult. I just don't seem to have any energy. I have been to the doctor for blood tests thinking perhaps low iron but They are all clear. I haven't changed anything in my diet and have even taken a full week rest.

My plan is to cut out bread ( I am sure I saw on here that someone else did this and it worked for them so worth a shot)

Start doing some efforts as at the moment I have only 3 runs a week two at 5 miles normal and a long easy run.

Include a spin class for cardio

I usually have porridge with water before a run can anyone suggest anything else I could try for this

And any itched tips to get my mojo back ?

I am training for London and Edinburgh marathons


  • Sometimes a week isn't enough.

    Maybe you are fighting off an infection, tests are unlikely to show that up unless you monitor heart rate on a regular basis.

    I quite often find that when I'm struggling with longer runs then spending time doing really short stuff helps. Today I ran reps of 100, 200 + 300m. Yesterday I could barely jog a mile but today I really pushed as hard as I could and found that I had the energy to do so.

    I don't eat before running but have been known to knock back a coke or red bull esp if I'm tired but need to get home or to work.

    How are you sleeping?

    Any stress in your life?

    Have you raced recently or pushed yourself hard in some way?

    Maybe vary your runs. Do a fartlek session for example. You could just be bored.

  • Sleep has been ok but no matter how much i get I still feel tired. Work has been a bit stressful lately and my husband was in hospital most of last week so that was pretty stressful too.
    I have had a few races great eastern and pumpkin run (half) and for whatever reason just felt awful.
    Am going to try with the shorter runs and fartlek sessions. Think I may drop my long run back to 8 miles and work back up as I did 14 yesterday and pretty much hated every second and had to run walk the last few.
  • I think you have possibly answered your own question Amanda!! all of those will have effected you - back off for a bit, maybe take some iron tablets - and why are you cutting out bread - that is surely a good source of carb!
  • Morning Amanda. Sounds to me like your body is asking for a break! Eat well (plenty of healthy stuff) and maybe consider doing some swimming or something else for a couple of weeks and re-assess? Also sounds like you have rather a lot on your plate at home and at work - a couple of weeks rest might help relieve some of your stress too.

    I would agree with Grendel3 about the bread - might be best not to randomly cut out a good food source without proper advice!

  • Running can be like that now and again, even more so if you have issues in your day to day life. Just take things easy with the running for a week or two then see how you feel, you might surprise yourself how refreshed you feel and will be chomping at the bit to get back to training for next springs marathons.
  • Thanks for all your support I am going to do just that and go back to basics image I had a really good nights sleep last night and feel good today I won't have a log run next weekend as I have a hen do in Birmingham so will instead do some swimming as we are at a spa for the day. I actually feel strangely excited about getting back to how I was before.
    Also just bought some weetabix to try for breakfast see if that makes a difference image
    This is why I love this forum there is always someone there to help and offer advice.

    Thank you.
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