Can someone help me with the math?!

Trying to work this out and really not getting very far!

I can run 10Km in 1 hour (or just under, somewhere around 55 mins) I run a slight uphill on a treadmill (1.5-2.5 varying its any help but doubt it makes any difference).

I hear all this stuff about "run a X minute mile..." and I really don't know what my speed is to compare! I'm guessing its fairly slow as I tend to prefer going slow to run for longer then fail at the first hurdle, plus I run for endurance rather then to push myself with faster speeds so am imagining my speed is very slow but can't seem to make it make sense.

I can work out I'm doing 1 mile per 10 minutes but whats my "minute/mile" speed?


  • ..very muddled message havnt said what you are comparing for a start...and you arnt needing to compare anythng, you need to divide the distance you ran by the time you did it you say you ran 55mins for 10k which is 6.2 miles..then your min/mile is 8:87 ..

  • ...and if you are running on a treadmill, that should calculate your pace/distance/speed anyway...image

  • Jennn

    Minutes divided by Km divided by 0.62 the sum will look like this

    55 / 10 / 0.62 = 8.87 minutes per mile the seconds are in 100 hundredths to convert this do

    60 x 0.87 = 52 seconds so the result is 8:52 minute/mile.


  • 10km in 1 hour is roughly 9min 40sec pace for 1 mile

    10km in 55 min is roughly 8min 52sec pace for 1 mile

    10km in 50 min is roughly 8min 03 sec pace for 1mile

    remember that and you are sorted. as you get quicker, send in another post.

  • There's a "pace calculator" on the internet somewhere where you can plug in speed in kph, and it will give you minutes per mile. It's one of the problems of treadmill training, that you think in kph, and "outdoor" runners think in minute/miles. eventually you get the hang of what they're meaning.

  • Jenn
    I use McMillan running calculator (coach is Greg McMillan)His site gives both kilometre and mile times based on how fast you can run for a set distance. This will set out the times you need to do for long runs and easy runs and any interval running. Helpfully he does not specify one time for these but instead will say for instance easy runs = between 7.00 and 7.35 mins per mile. Hope this helps
  • Thanks! I hadn't expected so many responses image and a site to work it out on too should I ever increase my speed which I'm not especially aiming to but would be great if I did improve (after so many injuries I'm just happy I can run and keep on running, speeding up seems the least of my concerns.

    I'll book mark that site John and louabelle, it does registed my pace but does it all in KM and not in miles. When I'm reading things it always refers to minute miles and that wasn't something I could get my head around before asking, but thanks anyway. I hadn't wanted to compare it to anything, just work out what my speed was so when I read things I could match what speed I was and saw where I fit in, in terms of recovery from injuries I read alot of "run at this pace then that pace then..." and its never ben something I could apply to myself.

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