Elavated Heart Rate following illness

I had a virus for a week which kept me off work and required a course of antibiotics.

My resting heart rate before this illness was 39bpm. One week on and feeling well and back training my resting heart rate is still 53bpm and my pace is now a lot slower than it was.

Has anyone else had similar problems or advice?


  • I am no expert, but you are probably not fully recovered - maybe take another couple of days off training till your hr is back to normal?

  • Cheers mathschick. Dropped to 48 bpm this morning so heading in the right direction.
  • Yes I'd not train until it was back to normal. Enjoy the rest.
  • Update.

    Back to normal now. That's nearly two weeks of recovery. If I wasn't a runner I'd have said I was fine. I'd been on 2000mg of antibiotics a day and its clearly knocked me for six as my resting heart rate is only back to normal today.

  • glad you are finally back to normal
  • oh, thats scary.  Don't normally use a HRM but put one on 10 minutes ago and then had a look on here and this was the first post I saw !!!

     My average for last 10 mins is 108 !!!  Have had manflu for last 2 weeks and really really bunged up at the moment so went to chemist on way home and got 'ChestEze' on their advise, looking through the active ingredients I'd say that the Cafine has probably kicked in !! either that or I'm about to breathe my last image

  • you need to take your resting heart rate first thing in the morning Rich so I wouldn't panic! and yes, the caffeine has probably kicked in!

  • OK thanks, so I dont need to lie flat in the bed tonight with my arms by my sids then ? image
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