Want to start training for an ultra marathon for next febuary, wanna do a 50 mile one first off. anyone got any tips / advice for me? and any races around that time?
is there any good sites for ultra running and events


  • Check out Trail Running Mag , they have a list of runs.
    It all depends on what type of running you wish to do. Ultras come in flat trails like the Thames path ultra and the hilly ones like the lakeland 50 and 100.
    Personally i would far rather run on rough terrain as you avoid rep stress injury. There are also multi loop races where you run as far as you wish.
    Ultras also come as marked trails and self navigation. Don,t underestimate how much navigating on the hoof will slow you down. Navigation can add to the fun of a race if all goes well and be the pits of not. Most races allow the use of a GPS but you have to be able to use one without thinking. ( on longer races you will run out of brain power, even trying to open a gate can become mental strain!)
    The good news is that the ethos of ultra running is superb . You can forget PB,s but expect help from all the runners around you.
    One much overlooked source of ultras is the LDWA. Runners are more than welcome and these events are cheep ,well supported with superb food at multiple checkpoints.
    As for training you need running time One way to add the miles is to run shorter races twice . Start your race in the small hours(preferably with a fellow ultra nut) and plan to arrive back at the start just before kick off for the main event. The other runners will drag you along to the finish pushing you harder as you will be in race mode.
  • Try here, really good source of info that I've found invaluable.
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    There are quite a few but I have found this site to be very useful...... Ultramarathonrunning

  • 90 are you still attempting BGR?
  • Hi 90

    I did my first ultra this year (london to bri ghton) get use to running with your kit that you'll use for the ultra ie back pack water bladder with the fliud you will drink electrolytes etc. Also get use to eating on the move and find what foods work for you the last thing you want is to have problems with kit or food after 30 miles. The best advice I had as well is dont be afraid to start to slow it should feel uncomfortably slow at the start but you will gain more in the later stages and most all enjoy it ultra runners and there supporters are amazing they will all help you get round. Ive just entered my first 100 miler and can say im hooked on the ultra distance.
  • there is athread called wannabe ultra runners on the forum at the moment which is worth reading and joining in..........its for people who are wanting to find support and info on starting ultras.......another good thread is the thread for kit list for ultras as there is debate and advice on there.........

    not too many threads going on ultras but they are friendly and worth joining in.....

  • UR has a championship. I do a few of these every year -

    Those I've done in current list: 
    Osmotherly Phoenix 33 -  is a good shorter trail ultra (a good first). Hills not too harsh and footing generally good.
    Long Tour of Bradwell 34 - is the next level of toughness up, pretty much up or down most the way. DIB point locations are interesting at times (keep an eye out).
    Calderdale 37 - New route this year, but previous routes excellent - this event just gives you grid refs for CP and you find your own best route between (not as hard as it may sound).
    Fellsman 61 - Brilliant event, bags several of highest peaks in Yorkshire dales, again there is emphasis on finding route as some paths and sections are quite path/trackless. Brilliant food and support over a truly brilliant fell/trail route.

    Also try the FRA fourms (long distance challenges), quite a few on their have ultra trail leanings -

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