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Suicide Six Baggeridge

Can anyone tell me where the route of the Baggeridge Suicide Six crosses the water? I cannot find a map of the route anywhere but I have a plan of Baggeridge Country Park which shows a pool (Bag Pool) to the north east and a series of pools in the south west. I presume the crossing is at one of these locations.


  • It doesn't cross the pool, although it skirts near it. The water splash is a river crossing - only a few metres across, but uneven underfoot (see my avatar). A great event.
  • Thanks Johnny. Can you tell me whereabouts on the course the river crossing is?
  • Hi John - it's about 1.5 miles from the end. My advice for you is dont pussyfoot around in it, you wont be able to clear it with a jump, get in and out of it asap,
  • Thanks Mat. So is it a stretch between 2 of the pools in the SW of the park?
  • to be honest john i'm not 100% sure, but looking at the map yes it does look to be - at about 5.8 miles in on the run. Are you running it this sunday?
  • I'm fairly sure it is here -


    just stick that in google maps search.
  • sorry. I meant 4.8, been trying to find out exactly where it is but too many trees in the way!
  • Race starts in the Bowl near the Cafe.

    Runs across the grass towards top lake passing the finish line on the left.

    Go halfway around the lake in  a clockwise direction before turning left which takes you up and over Topscope Hill. At the trig point, turn left descending the hill, and then right across the grass towards the disused lorry track.

    Follow the track which takes you up to the entrance to the Baggeridge Park. Turn left past the farm down to the cross roads. Turn left which takes you down to the bridge over the stream.

    Turn right past the middle leke on the fright.

    Turn right over the stream, and then right, and left up the hill into Himley Woods.

    Infront of Himley Hall turn sharp left still keeping in the woods.

    This takes you to the water crossing.

    After crossing it, turn left taking you back towards Baggeridge past runners still coming down.

    Turn right up to the Straites gate, then left back again into Baggeridge and up the Jacobs ladder (the famous steps).

    At the top you go around the rim of the Bowl where you started from, and then a quick race to the lene.

    Photo's of the event and results will be on 

    Take a look at previous years photo's if you haven't run it before.

  • Many thanks all. And especially Brian for all that great detail.
  • Latest news on conditions....  course is very dry, late high winds have blown leaves across the paths in woods.   Good news, the large fallen tree that you have to climb under in Himley Woods has been removed. See you Sunday
  • Results and first 100 photo's loaded on West Midlands Running Scene Website
  • Any news on conditions now?? I bet it is anything but dry!
  • Missed seeing this one of these days Ms poweredby chocolate will do this Brian
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