The Island Race

The Island Race - Anglesey Half Marathon 2012
Sunday 13th May 2012

A new and exciting race for your 2012 calendar, for the first time ever you can run across the World famous Menai Bridge free from traffic and follow the coast road to the awesome Beaumaris Castle, and back.  It is a flat and fast course with stunning scenery which will inspire you either to your half marathon personal best or just to have a go.  You will have the added pleasure and peace of mind as most of the route is on closed traffic free roads.


  • Might be wrong but I can't help thinking you have killed off te Anglesey marathon.  We were informed that the marathon would have a new franchise (you?) this started the alarm bells.  Then we were informed by the new franchise the marathon for last year was cancelled.  The this week the new date given of April 29th had also been cancelled and an exciting half marathon was taking place.  Could you please have the courage and approach Menter Mon to carry on, if it ain't broken don't try to fix it.  VERY disappointed.

  • Looks like a great race, but it clashes with the re-vitalised Chester half on the same day image

  • Thanks Guys for your comments. Very interesting to read your thoughts and yes, disappointing about the Chester clash but it's such a busy calendar and we (despite the rumors) are very keen to build on the successes of Menter Mon and keep the Anglesey Marathon alive.

    Just to clarify Terry's concerns, we in fact did not take over any 'franchise' from Menter Mon, Menter Mon handed the reins of the Anglesey Marathon to another local organisation who were forced to cancel the 2011 race because of a clash with the Commonwealth running championships! Subsequently, because of the massive success we have enjoyed in 2011 in organising 2 brand new events in North Wales,we were asked if we would take over the responsibility for the Anglesey Marathon. We were delighted at the prospect and being local people with many many years of experience in the sport of running form grass roots to World Championship success, we hope to build the Anglesey Marathon into an incredible and iconic race.

    As 2012 will be our first year with the new format, and following extensive consultation with the local communities and members of the Welsh running community, it was decided that a half marathon would be the best option in year 1, with the addition of a half and full marathon being introduced in 2013.

    However, not wanting to disappoint, for those of you still wanting to run a marathon on Anglesey in September 2011, we are organising the Anglesey Trail Marathon (and half and 10k trail) on Sunday 30th September in the stunning Newborough Forest. This is the legacy event that we have committed to following the amazing success of the recent Commonwealth trail running championships.

    At the half marathon we will also be hosting a 5k fun run and free children's races in order to make the event as accessible and enjoyable as possible. We have made great efforts in securing the road closure which will make for an amazing and memorable run.

    We expect the race to provide a very welcome boost to the local economy, we have a policy of employing local expertise wherever possible and to support numerous local charities through our hard work and dedication.

    I hope that i have alleviated some of Terry's fears and put your mind at rest that the Anglesey Marathon will certainly not be killed off. We hope that you will able to show us some support for our efforts in bringing new, exciting and professional events to the North Wales sporting calendar. Please rest assured that making the decision to organise these events has taken a great deal of courage (not to mention the massive commitment and countless sleepless nights!).

    We would welcome any positive and constructive feedback.

    Many thanks.

    Tim Lloyd (a member of the Always Aim High Events organising team).
  • Hi there!

    Sorry to butt in but is anyone going to do this travelling from Manchester/ Lancashire way?

    I am dying to sign up but I have no car. 

    I have travelled the area extensively and I would rather not get there on public transport, especially with a 9AM start time.

    All advice greatly appreciated image

  • shame about the marathon would have done the half but clashs with my local one of Leeds which I am doing
  • very tempted to do this one. will be travelling from bolton P-Ninja, so possible lift available

    compo, was tempted by Leeds to on same day, but ive yet to do a welsh run (had to pull out of llandudno 10, cardiff half and conwy half last year). this has no hills for you either lol

    anyone know how many  have entered so far?

  • hmm, seems like a lack of basic information on the event website.

    Please Note - there will be a strict cut off time of 11.15am applied on the return through Beaumaris. Runners who have not returned to the drink station in Beaumaris by this time will not be permitted to continue. This is for safety reasons due to the re opening of the road closure.

    any clue as the distance this occurs (may help dicide if someone can make it through the cut off point)

    water stations, other than the one listed for the cut off, are there any others, and again at what distance points?

    i especially like the blurb bit where is says the entry fee includes a free tshirt, not really free when its covered by the entry fee.image

    think i'll give it a week to mull over, see if questions get answered before i part with the entry fee 

  • Is there anymore info on this? i am gutted that it`s on may 13th as i already signed up to chester half and would of done this as i only run competitive in north wales.
  • i had a reply to my message i sent them John.

     the cut off point of 11.15 is around the 9 mile mark, i would imagine most would make it through. 

    water stations 5 miles / 9 miles / finish,  more would of been nice

    around 470 entered so far. chester full, now leeds full too, hopefully this may help push the numbers up here now. 

  • Right, noticed that 2013 race is on March 3rd.

    Good event?
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