Doing London Marathon which will be my 4th in 4 years. I follow a 12 week program but have decided to use the weeks leading up to that to prepare my body.

What's the best thing to do (other than core work, as I already do 2 Pilates classes a week)? Hill work, speed work, quad strengthening?


  • 12 weeks doesn't sound very long ? I'm planning on something nearer 20 weeks.

    I'd have just thought to get more miles under the belt.
  • Done a 12 week program for my previous 3 marathons, which is following regular 25 miles per week running. It works for me, as it feels the right length. Of course, if I wanted to knock 15 mins of my PB then I would need to put in a lot more work over a longer period, but I want to do well without it taking over my life completely.
  • Fair enough then. I'd definitely think that getting more miles in the legs would be the best bet for you though. Whats your PB ? If you're not aiming to get a PB then I'd probably not go overboard on speedwork - especially as preparation for your training.
  • If you're not already there, get used to the training load (ie get up to the 25 miles/week)  My marathon plan is more like 50 mpw, and I'm building up to it (with lots of slow miles) so that at least the volume of training won't be much of a shock.

    In other words - what cougie said!

  • I am now, and will be, doing 25 mpw right up to the start of the training plan. The plan then takes me to 50mpw at its peak.
  • Is that not a big jump for you ? What's 25mpw ? 4 hours of running or so ?
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