brecon beacons ultra

Just wondered who on the forum is doing this great race this Saturday........we should avoid the snow again image


  • Me image (probably, will make a final decision after Physio tomorrow)
  • I have been sick for the last 24 hours but hope its a bug......will definitely be there even if i only do 1 lap......
  • Hello, I'm doing this event on Saturday aswell and looking forward to the weekend. See you there.
  • i did a lap of the course a few weeks ago and Tor-y-foel definitely seemed steeper than my memory could remember.......I'm sure it will be steeper the second time aroundimage
  • Me! Can't wait... Love this event.
  • if we can get things sorted out on various local matters (work/life), we should be there - but marshalling in some capacity. in communication with LFW as I write
  • I'll be there image
  • Can,t find any excuse to pull out now. Hows the forecast?
  • Looking goodimage
  • Looking good for Wales or looking good?
  • Cant be any worse than the first year we did it

    Dont forget your clothes Seren   image
  • Let us know which checkpoint you'll be on fb, I'd like to say thanks in person for the C.C.C advice you gave earlier in the year
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Im racing with the Elagen mob, cant wait some big guns out there
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  • You came second last year didn't you Daz?
  • Lirish wrote (see)
    Let us know which checkpoint you'll be on fb, I'd like to say thanks in person for the C.C.C advice you gave earlier in the year
    Trust me, you cant miss him!!

    Good luck Daz   image
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Hi Lirish, yeh I did.  Hoping to take a few mins off it this year.

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  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    have fun guys - it's a lovely race

    I won't be there, I'm doing a very flat 10k in Brighton instead image
  • There are loads from Elagen doing it aren't there........

    2 years ago we had all that rain and wind on the second lap..........last year we had so much fog that you couldn't see your hands ..let alone your feet..( but avoided the deep snow that fell a few days later)
    this year i predict perfect autumn weather with blue skies and sunshine...a little crisp to start with........
    and meldy as usual i will be in my pirate Monaco but i will have a raincoat to put on if needed .honest image
  • Lirish - have PM'd you...

    we'll definitely be there now - no idea where we're marshalling yet as we'll sort that out with LFW on Friday eve. probably somewhere around Talybont as we have limited transport options with the minibago
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Be good to see you again FB!  You staying for a pint later on?

    Hi Seren, yes Elagen have been good enough to sponsor 4 teams so we've all (well a few original drop-outs from injury unfort) have been necking the Sport and Beta-Alanine pills for a while.  Be interested to see how the pill handles ultra image

    Oh and Paul Thompson is the current Ultra Triathlon World Champ image He's a very humble and friendly bloke (hard core northener) which is why prob not a lot of people know it.

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  • "You staying for a pint later on?"

    does the Pope shit in the woods?? image

    so Deke's having a run out as well eh?? looks like there's gonna be some racing going on.
  • I'll be there in a 'recceing for next year' capacity.  So if you see a couple dressed in running gear going the opposite direction, that's likely to be me and boyfriend.

     Good luck everyone.  Looks like it's gonna be a nice day.

  • Daz maybe i can pick up some tips from paul for my double attempt next yearimage

    I have visions of FB trying to drive his van up the gap road now

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Thats something Id pay to see

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  • Seren, we were going to drive into the hills and take the dog for a walk anyway, so we'll pop up to cheer. image
  • "I have visions of FB trying to drive his van up the gap road now"

    well it would be very interesting!!

    see some of you this evening at the Outdoor Centre as we'll be heading there to find out where we're stationed tomorrow
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Best race in the Brecons!

    Really enjoyed the day, racing with mates and meeting some interesting ultra runners (some of you are just insane!)  Looking forward to next year - we really need to encourage Martin and Sue to host more events image

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    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • Agree - really great organisation, superb encouragement and basically Martin & Sue are just genuainely sincere, lovely people.
  • My first time on this event. Great race and organization, support from marshals at remote places was really appreciated . Despite loosing 5kg body weight somewhere, I will be back.
  • Good to meet you Ian, enjoyed the chat on the first loop. Finally got to meet some people I've only on the forums and it was worth the wait, I finally see why people are so loyal to this race and it's everything to do with the organisers, lovely freindly and passionate about the outdoors. I'll certainly be back.
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