Warsaw marathon.

Serioulsy considering the warsaw marathon 2012.. any advice.. ?


  • Huh, well, i wasn't until i looked at it - but now I am!  I ran the Krakow marathon this year and loved it!  Great value for money and incredibly slick with a very flat course.  Possibly a great start to the Autumn Marathon season...

    Seems to be a lot of information on the 2011 race, allthough i think this years course was different than it usually is.  

    Why Warsaw?

  • I want a flat marathon in the Sept.. i did berlin this year.. and want a different one.. with enough time to recover to run (not race snowdon).. seems like a good option.. somewhere different..

    from the reviews i've seen warsaw seems good..
  • Great marathon, I never ran it personally but I know it's popular. And Warsaw is lovely though overrated as a city, mine is much nicer image.
  • Any progress on this James?  I am thinking of signing up too
  • we have 8 from les croups in cardiff running.. it finishes in the stadium.. (i've had a email from the organisers..). sports drink is powerade. not the one from london which i hate..

    we will sort hotels soon.. all flying from heathrow either ba or lot.. friday flights..
  • Sounds good,

    I have just entered online but no confirmation yet.  LOT look like the best (priced) flights to me and yes, friday seems good too.

    How long did it take them to confirm your place James?  Just out of interest.


  • I'm looking at either this or Krakow for 2013.

    Katiecom, how was it?

  • Hi, as a matter of fact I'm a part of the organizing team of Warsaw. What do you mean you have not got confirmation yet? It is automatic so it should be immediate. Write to info@warsawmarathon.com if the problem persists. 

    Regarding the race itself - next week the 2012 course will be officially presented. You have to take it for granted but it awesome and fast as well. We are probably Europe's fastest growing marathon (from 300 to 7000 in the span of 10 years), so there must be a reason to that image.

  • @jon payne..we are staying at the novotel .. if you fancy a beer sunday pm..

    we are at least 8 now in number and growing from les croupiers cardiff..

  • I'll be running this one too, it's gonna be my debut image. Apparently the course is mainly flat the only climbs are on/under the bridge(s). good luck cardiff crew and everyone else taking it on image

  • Will be running this (in 3 days), if anyone fancys a post-marathon drink to share stories, feel free to contact.


  • How was it? Thinking of it for next year

  • Just done the berlin marathon and looking for another European marathon around the same time next year. I'd be really interested to now what you think of this. Good luck!
  • @goji @Roger Topham

     my opinion may be a little biased as it was my debut, but overall I would recommend  it as it's virtually flat, only 7k runners this year so good for a PB. The crowd's support was brilliant, very often spectators were handing chocolate bars and water (is it common?).

  • Thanks nBR and sorry for late reply - I think I'm up for 2013
  • Don't know about this but there's a marathon inWolverhampton and that's only a few miles away, can think of more scenic cities though.
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