Talkback: TW Interviews: Chrissie Wellington

Phenominal woman - truely inspirational. 


  • Congratulations Chrissie!

    And thank you - for being you!

    If.. you are ever beaten.. you are at that place where you can congratulate yourself for having inspired someone to have to try that hard and that long themselves to achieve that! (I'm sure you know that)

    You have inspired me today. Thank you! 

  • A phenomenal athlete that deserves recognition for her utter dominance of her chosen sport.

    However does being a phenomenal athlete entitle you to a platform to have your voice heard on any range of unrelated topics?  Personally I think not and that this is part of the "fame" culture of today, albeit Chrissie is a far superior role model than most other celebrities out there.

  • she is truly an awesome athlete

    and somewhat akin to Darkness, I think she's in danger of becoming irritating with her "fame" as she's popping up like a rash all over the place at the moment - TV appearances, community runs etc. OK - she's milking herself for a variety of good causes and I applaud her for that but I wish she'd back off a bit at the mo as I'm starting to cringe at some of it. she needs a better PR person imho that can "use" her without going OTT
  • At least she's not resorted to the likes if "I'm a celebrity..."

    Not yet, at any rate.

    They should bring back Superstars (again).  She'd be dead good at that.

  • "Not yet, at any rate."

    my point entirely - the danger signs are there though

    she ought to appear on the Muppet show though.. image
  • Imagine her on Big Brother.  She'd go stir crazy in 20 minutes. image

  • A quote from an article in the evening standard

    "As professional athletes, we have a big responsibility that goes beyond performing and it's frustrating people neglect that," she added.

    That's obviously what's driving her, and presales for her book? image 

  • Yeah, don't get me wrong I'm pro-Chrissie and quite like seeing her pop up on Sky Sports news whilst I'm eating my brekkie... BUT... I don't remember these selfless community and non-tri-PR stints before she had a book to publicise.

    Saying that, as a multiple champion and record breaker she can do what she likes! I'll buy the book. 

  • Is CW as good a triathlete as Beryl Burton was a cyclist?  Based on record I'd say not.
  • jelly bean wrote (see)
    Is CW as good a triathlete as Beryl Burton was a cyclist?  Based on record I'd say not.
    tough call .. but i would say that to be a stand out athlete like CW in these times is possibly a bigger achievement than it was in the 60's .. if for no other reason than there are hell of a lot more people to be better than.   Not sure what BB's swimming and Marathon times were like image . Hell of a cyclist though i concur  
  • Chrissies ways been pretty pasionate and vocal about causes close to her heart Blazeman, Go tribal etc long before she had a book in the pipeline
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