Trimpell 20 2012

Anyone doing this?


  • I am! Never done it before but am hoping it will stand me in good stead for London.
  • it is a good flat race on the river Lune not sure how it goes as it has changed starts and finishs to the running track

    I am doing Spenborough 20 on the same day a killer of a course
  • Good its flat, I live in a very hilly village so it will be good to run on the flat for once, thanks!
  • Yes its a good flat course but if you run it hard then you might as well say goodbye to a good run at london. This year I did it and ran well just under 8min miles and 4 weeks later marathon just under 4hrs So use it as a good training run and dont get dragged into the race mode good look and yes its a good course for pbs.
  • Thinking about it... Same place as the recent half marathon nov 6th?

    Any jelly babies handed out? Noticed the mention again of water in cups
  • Does anyone know where I can find a route map for this race please? Failing that, can someone who has run the race before give me some idea where the route goes? Thanks image
  • Photos from Trimpell 20 - 2012 are now online

    charlie satterly race photos

    any comments as always appreciated - feel fre to download or email me for high res copy.

  • Great photos! are the results online yet do you know? I couldn't find them.

    A very well organised race today thanks, having the start/finish at the leisure centre made life very easy with parking etc.  Great being able to go into the clubhouse after for a brew, am in absolute agony now!!!

    Fab marshalls too, the jelly beans were soooooooo appreciated, thanks again!!

  • Thanks to Charlie Satterly for the photos, appreciated!
    Enjoyed the course and the friendlyness of event. Longest ever run, if my knee recovers! Discover ITB syndrome.
  • More photos now online at

    Not quite as cheap as city fans but still excellent VFM
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