Saturday session 21/9/02

Have a good weekend, everyone, and best wishes to all who are racing.

What: Gym session, missing out the treadmill intervals. Jogging to Sutton Runner later to get Kevin the Teenager some running shoes.
Why: Always go to gym on Saturday mornings; 10K race tomorrow; Kevin's feet are growing at an alarming speed and she remains keen to run.
Last rest day: Yesterday.
Last hard day: Thursday.


  • A unique thread title (one of my hobby horses) - hooray!

    what: zilch
    why: 10K race Sunday

    last hard day: Sun
    last hardish day: Wed
    last rest day: Fri

    looking forward to the reports from other race participants - good luck everyone
  • What :- early morning - 45 min 'easy' speed drills - early afternoon - 45 min March - in public - (what the heck, they'll be locking me up soon!)

    Last Hard Day :- Mentally - last night.
  • Hi all. Good luck to all racing this weekend.

    What: probably rest.
    Why: did hard interval session on the treadmill yesterday and my knee is hurting. Also tired cos pain (and cat chasing paper ball) kept me awake all night.
    Last rest day: Thursday
    Last hard day: yesterday
  • Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend, looking forward to the reports.

    What: 32 mile bike
    Why: Saturday is bike day especially when the weather is like this.
    Last Hard Run: Thursday.
    Last Rest Day: Friday.

    Had a lot of fun this morning. Five turned up for the Saturday loop. I wanted to check the calibration of my speedo against the rest of the group so just set it going when we all met up. Turns out everyone was within 0.1 mph average of each other as we rode 21.0 mph average for the middle 27 mile of the ride. Great to have a few people to draft with, makes an enormous difference to the speed you can maintain.

    I'll be sorry once the weather changes as this really is a great workout and about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on :-)
  • What : 3-4 miles easy with strides + some gym work
    Why : easy day + I need to run in my new trail shoes
    Last Rest : Yesterday
    Last Hard Day : Thursday
  • What: 8 miles fartlek
    Why: Bit of speed work - not too hard though
    Last hard run: Thursday
    Last rest: Yesterday

    Good luck everyone racing this weekend :o)

  • 4.5km treadmill in 19:45, followed by a nice long sauna.

    Why? a dog (my dog!) ran between my legs yesterday causing me to become intimately aquainted with the lane about 200m from my house. - very short run and rather bruised and battered.

    Last easy day : yesterday and today
  • What: Running around since 6am getting ready for, doing, and tidying up after my daughter's second birthday
    Why: could get soppy, best not
    Last hard: don't ask
    Last easy....well, today in terms of training
    Got to pysche myself up for tomorrow morning's long run (aiming for 22 miles) and not be tempted by that bottle of Jacob's Creek (already quaffed too much!!), but stupidly invited a friend over when/if son goes to sleep! I'll let you know what happens
  • what: wander around west kirby marina (again) which took an hour!
    why: needed fresh air
    last hard day: today
    last rest day: I'd have to say any day before the chemo
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