Secret Santa

I have to do a secret Santa for £5, the guy is an occasional runner, any suggestions most welcome. Would like it to be useful and an encouragement to his running.


  • I'd be happy to get a pair of anti-blister socks. You can get a pair of Nike ones in Sports direct for £5. (White sportsgear isn't compulsory to shop in there image )
  • running gloves? (again sports direct do some nike ones for £5) tis gonna be a bitter winter.
  • Elastic laces?
  • I agree about gloves. Was looking at a pair of Run365 ones in JJB the other day for £5.99, in yellow or black and thought they looked quite good.
  • I gave someone some reflective stuff one year. They were actually an occaisional cyclist rather than runner but I still think that a wrist band and some spots are great. You can get zip pulls that are reflective as well. Anything that helps you stand out in the dark.

  • Jelly babies. Lots of.
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