The Wall Run!

I am fast approaching 30 and am well out of shape.  All that being said I am planning on running the Wall Run in 2013.

Im a serving Police Officer and am looking for something to get me back into shape.

In another life I was in the Army and could run5 miles in 30 mins and was very fit.

I will keep you posted with the training.


  • I hope that your training progresses well, because we don't want the robbers outrunning you!

    Any training advice that you need for the Wall, people here will be happy to help out with.  I am doing it in 2012 and will give my observations. 

  • As a serving Police officer, shouldn't you be in shape?
  • Police officers come in all shapes and sizes EG!

     Krispy Kreme offer great deals hence many are slightly rotund. Not you though Jimmy image

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    Jimmy,  best of luck with your quest!

    Id like to direct you to the other thread about the Cheviot 2000 fell race (23miles off road in Northumbria). This is a race hosted by Northumbria Police and is aimed at police and emergency teams, also the armed forces I think? Ive done it before as part of a Warks team and its by far the toughest thing ive ever done despite it being only 23miles!

  • Hi Jimmy,

    I'm signed up to this as well although just a little terrified!!! There is a training regime on their website that starts in february and doesn't look like it'll kill too much (leave that for the race, huh?) although I imagine you've already seen that. 

    How is the training going?


  • Good stuff Jimmy - which version are you doing? I'm on for the two day event, really looking forward to it. Saw the 2012 finish at Newcastle, looked ace.

  • I did the one day last year and for most people who did it, the finish was at any time between 1am and 6am, so the two dayer definitely has the good finish.  

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