What have you learned today?

I wore gloves whilst I chopped up some chillies. Took one off to rub my eye.

The lesson I learnt is that you should put your glove back on before you continue chopping chiliies so the next time you rub your eye it doesn't feel like red hot pokers have just been shoved in it.....image

If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming


  • oops. Just think yourself lucky you didn't have a pish.
  • In a similar vein, I learnt a while ago not to take out your contact lenses after you've been chopping chillies image
  • I learnt today that you shouldn't watch Top Gear USA.  It's just wrong on so many levels.
  • I just learnt the difference between learnt and learned
  • Saffy sweety pea wrote (see)
    In a similar vein, I learnt a while ago not to take out your contact lenses after you've been chopping chillies image

    Oof!  I made one of my hotter chillies the other day (birds eye, finger chillies, scotch bonnet and Encona hot pepper sauce all in there, absolutely gorgeous) and was very careful to take out my lenses before I even started.  One sleep and about five hand washes later, there was still some residue when I went to put them back in.


  • One that  should be on the school curriculum for 14-15 year old boys I think. When you've finally got that date with the girl of your dreams and think your on a promise DO NOT spray your bits with aftershave in the hope that you will be more alluring. 
  • Today I learnt that we have otters living very near us !

    Unfortunately though, said otter was an ex-otter, and it was lying on the side of the road at the end of my run so a bit sad, but still has given me a bit of a lift knowing that there are probably more living nearby image ... I like otters !

  • I learnt that ermine is a kind of weasel.
  • I learnt that I need to be more careful wallpapering around thermostats and that wall paper paste is a good conductor of electrickery!! Doh!
  • Today's snippet of wisdom is don't delve into a bag of prawn cocktail crisps if you've got a small cut on your finger.  Ouch!

  • I learned that I shouldn't have the jerk chicken when the West Indian lady chef is on shift [fanning flames]
  • i recently discovered we've got otters living near us.

    and lions, tigers, penguins, bears...

    we should have visited the zoo earlier.

  • I have learned that if I see a pair of wellies costing £120 then the sheep are safe a little longer.....
  • That no matter how simply I put it, you can't get people to understand why their data, not my code, is the cause of their problems.
  • That no matter how much you demonstrate that your data is sound, the IT person will insist that his code cannot be the problem.


  • @Wilkie - if the data isn't there in the first place, the error is not in the code!
  • I learned how to do a bank reconciliation properly image
  • I learned that you can't be generous enough for some people!!!
  • I learnt today that it doesn't matter how well you design it ... someone will either feck up the code or the data! imageimage
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