What's your mantra?

words are just words, but sometimes when they are put in the right order they can inspire you to greater things.
I like the phrase " Never ever give up".
What words inspire you?


  • Keep going, you fat bastard.
  • image Snap!

  • Mine is "Don't stop, someone might be watching"

    Can guarantee if you stop or trip over or do something silly someone you know will have seen it. It's like the law or somethig image
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Pain is temporary, pride is forever.

  • oh - I thought when running. I'm really boring. I count.

    If I need the inspiration to carry on it's usually along the lines of "think how you'll feel if you give up".

  • My friend and I used to go to the gym on the cross trainers.  Towards the end of a session we'd be tired and wanting to give up.  One day, with 4 minutes to go, my friend said to me "Come on, what's another 4 minutes out of your day?".  It made us both push really hard those last 4 minutes and i now adapt that to running.  What's another 5 minutes / 10 minutes / half a mile etc.  When you look at it that way, it's nothing........so why would you want to stop?

    I also hate seeing dips in my speed when I upload my Garmin data.  So I just think about seeing the line dipping and that keeps me going......."no dips, no dips, no dips"   image 

  • I love the 'no dips' mantra Polly-Polly! I also chuckled at yours Johnny Blaze image

    I'm no fan of running up hills, but as I do it I imagine how great I'll feel when I get to the top and run downhill again. Similarly in a race if it feels tough I imagine how great it will feel when I cross the line. So no specific words, it's more about positive thinking for me image
  • "suck it up .. buttercup!!" ...  first used when two thirds up the Great Orme in the Conwy half, completely wasted and rounded a corner to see the road continue its merry way upwards for another half mile !

    Now its used regualrily whenever things get tough.

  • Stolen from Susan Jeffers

     "Feel the fear and do it anyway"

  • " Energy and persistance conquer all things "

    Shortend to breathless  " energy and persistance " when going uphill.image

  • After reading Confession Of An All-night Runner this seems to keep me going;

    "If it comes easy, if it doesn't require extraordinary effort, you're not pushing hard enough: It's supposed to hurt like hell."

  • Like your JFDI mantra Kittenkat - got a bit of a dyslexic Star Wars theme to it.

    I also like the phrase “Man up”

    So when it's getting tough I tell myself to “Man up ******

  • Nothing at all to do with running - but seen on swimming caps worn by a bunch of swimmers training for the Channel swim - "ferries are for wimps!"
  • If we are doing a “as seen on” thing, it's not a Mantra but more funny.

    A blind guy running the London marathon with a guide had a T-shirt on that said
    “I only asked him to help me to cross the road”

  • "No pain, no pie"

  • From the film Gallipoli -

    What are your legs?

    Springs, steel springs.

    What are they gonna do?

    Hurl me down the track.

    How fast can you run?

    etc etc

  • Are we there yet image
  • "Pain is just the French word for bread" image
  • Get your retaliation in first
  • I say "I get to do this" which spurs me on. Also "pain is weakness leaving the body, so I must be getting really strong!" when it starts to hurt.

    Even little things like "keep going" and "I can, I can I can" help....my pal's little 3 year old girl chanted the latter to herself when she was learning to ride her bike, so if it helped her, it can help me!! It works too image
  • I must, i must, i must improve my bust image
  • keep working on those moobs then Madlot! ;-0
  • I got overtaken in the last 6 months at the VLM by a guy saying "You can do this, you can do this".

    My mantra at this point was "just F***ing keep going". The swearing definitely helped with the pain I was in at that point!  

  • Lance Armstrongs..

    Pain is temporary, quitting/ not finishing lasts forever.
  • I say/rmind myself "I can do this!" I say this to myself as I often doubt I can carry on or can even begin what I want myself to achieve.

    Another thing I do is to say to myself to do "just the first 2 minutes" then I can change my mind if I want. After those initial 2 minutes I feel a bit better, then I ask myself if I want to carry on, if its aches and pains related I try to get to 5 minutes, ask again, if I feel a bit better I go to 15 minutes, if ALL the aches and pains haven't subsided I can then stop.

     If its boredom or something else stopping me complete I focus on "how amazing will it feel if I run for XX". I managed an hour and a half on a day I hadn't even anticipated running for when I did that!

  • a lovely cup of tea
  • 'Keep going you lazy b*****d' quickly followed by 'must take my medication when I get back'.

    Sometimes: 'if you give up, you won't get this session back'.
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