Winter Jacket ?


Can anyone suggest a good jacket for winter marathon training. Ideally waterproof, windproof and breathable.

Plenty out there but just wondering if anyone has a particular one they swear by.

 Thanks image


  • You can't buy such a wondrous garment. Breathable and waterproof cant be had for running.
  • What Rick says... they haven't invented a fabric that is breathable enough to stop a runner ending up soggy inside their jacket. I wear a long sleeve thermal top and a windproof gillet. If it rains I get wet.
  • Totaly agree - you can not stay dry so the important thing is to stay warm. I usually just go for a thermal HH top and a windproof over the top to keep the chill off.
  • i bought a gore running wear air gt as jacket from 'run for it' in glasgow, they got a website. its lightweight, breathable, windproof and waterproof. only thing is - in any jacket u'r going to overheat; thats running for u. this jacket was the best i could find as its got air vents on the back as well. perfect for my long sunday runs.

    gore running wear also do very good skins, goretex. from run-for-it as well
  • I thought I was being to demanding. Nevermind, thanks for the suggestions. Thermals and windproof it is then.
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