Lower leg strengthening

Hello all,

Back in feb I developed a stress fracture in my right foot. My right side has always been weaker and since I have been back running again I keep picking up niggly injuries in my right leg.
I am sure everyone has a weaker side and I am looking for tips and exercises to help stengthen my lower leg on this side. This week I seem to have got burstitis between my knee and shin on the inside of my leg and have read that this can be due to weaknesses and poor lower leg biomechanics (i haven't been running enough for it to be over use), and I suspect since the stress fracture I may have an altered gait on my right foot.
So - any good strengthening exercises for ankles/lower leg and exercises/drills to improve my lower leg biomechanics would be appreciated! I've already taken up pilates to try to sort it out but need a bit more help.
I'm sick of sitting around with frozen bags of peas icing all the time!


  • Things like lunges could help but check your posture: knees never forward of your ankles and knees inline and not to the side. It shows your thighs are inbalanced or weak if this happens and need work.

    I was told about inner leg/ankle stregnth if thats any help, its something better youtubed as its hard to explain but basicly is about having your foot on the edge of a step with the instep off the edge. You raise your instep WITHOUT raising the heel, bending the knee to pick it up or rolling your foot. It took me ages to get the hang of it and a physio explained it was because the muscle in my inner calf was very weak and that my ankle had also become weak as a result.

    Other lower leg straightening could be cycling, kicking a ball, calf raises for the posterior lower leg (standing on a step, heels off the edge and rasing yourself up and lowering yourself down with control. Holding on to the walls around for balance.

    Another for the anterior calves would be, sitting down, knees bent, picking up a weight from the ground with it balanced between your feet. Lowering down with control.

    As with most, reps of 8-15 depending on what you feel, rest for 15-30 seconds and then begin again. If you can do more then 3-5 sets in one go then up the weight or resistance. If you really can't manage because its too painful or you feel too weak doing the exercises in a swimming pool could be an option.

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply! Extremely helpful advice and I will definitely be starting to try and work some of these exercises into a new strengthening regieme.
  • Good luck and don't forget: a workout is as only as good as the rest you give it. When you workout you tear down muscles, its when you rest that they repair and come back stronger, if you don't rest, they can't repair properly and wont be any real help to you.
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