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Because I'm old and male and 'difficult to get presents for', my family insist on me providing them with a list of my Christmas present wishes. I thought of maybe suggesting some books about running - more about training or theory, rather than biographies. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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  • I just did a search with 'books' as the search word and it pulled up at least half a dozen threads.

       For what it's worth here's three from me.

     Feet in the Clouds, Born to Run and Running on Empty. And if you're serious about your running every bookshelf should have a copy of The Lore of Running by Noakes on it.

  • Try The Runner's Handbook
  • Hi,

    I can highly recommend 'RUN!' and 'Ultramarathon man' both by Dean Karnazes and both very good.

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    I wanted to open a thread with the same question! My recommendation would depend on what level you are at with running and what you are looking to get out of running.

    I have recently read Paula Radcliffe's book called How to Run and I found it very informative. It talks about what gear you should get, what you should eat, gives you advice on weight training, warm up, running techniques and also includes a few training plans. I used one of her training plans to train for the Marlow half marathon and I felt it was a great plan.
  • Feet in the Clouds and Born to Run are both of enduring quality. The latter is stuffed with amazing information and stories.

    There are some 'how I became an ironman' triathlon books which are good at encapsulating the challenge; my favourite is How Triathlon Ruined My Life.

    A slightly different angle comes from What I Talk About, When I Talk About Running 

  • Hi Doug,

    Bought Brain Training for Runners by Matt Fitzgerald. Interesting, lots of info. It´s worth a try

  • I would second the recommendation for What I talk about when I talk about running, by Haruki Murakami...

    It's not really a training book, but definitely a good, interesting read.
  • I really liked Why We Run by Bernd Heinrich. It is partly autobiographical but it mainly draws on the author's experiences rather than exploring his life story and it draws parallels between humans and animals which are very interesting. 

     Would highly recommend it. Also liked What I Talk About When I talk About Running but I found that strongly autobiographical. 

  • Thanks all! Definitely some things to check out here...
  • Lore of Running.... will turn you into a running geek.  image

  • Survival of the Fittest by Mike Stroud not strictly running but superb
  • Better training for distance runners by Peter Coe is very good on constructing an elite type training plan and has lots of technical physiology stuff at the beginning that can be skipped if too dry.

    Feet in the clouds & born to run are more fun reads I loved.
  • Srictly Running? Does Brucie host that?
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