Barefoot achilles soreness

Been getting into running on my forefoot over the last 2 months as my knees were getting chewed up with my normal heel striking. I have tried to build this up slowly but I am now suffering some soreness in my right Achilles, mainly where it meets my heel. Is it just a case of resting it?? I have run whilst its sore and it does improve (as things warm up I guess) but I'm still aware of it.

 Voltarol and rest? Help please!


  • Forefoot running does place more strain on the Achilles area, as you are effectively now using your calf and Achilles as the brake that stops your heel hitting the floor instead of the cushioning of your training shoe;  so you will need to so some work to protect and strengthen it in order that it can support you properly when you run. 

    You might find it useful to do something like an eccentric Achilles strengthening programme - is that something you might be familiar with?

  • Yes, I try to do some calf raises etc before I go out. I think I may have just done too much too soon. My achilles is sore where it meets my heel so think maybe rest and ice might be good for a few days??
  • If you're doing the strength work (and hopefully some flexibility stuff too?) then yes, it sounds as though you're prob just overdoing it a bit., in which case a few days off isn't a bad idea, and a bit of ice certainly wouldn't do any harm.
  • Thanks Nell, if things don't improve I'll come and visit as I'm only in Aylesbury
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