Adidas Adizero Boston

Hi all, looking for a bit of advice

After running in support shoes for over pronation and being dogged with injury I finally resorted to running in neutrals around 2-3 years ago and have been uninjured since (although recovering from inguinal haematoma in that time).  I'm now looking to replace my trusty Bostons but can't find the black version I have just now.  I think we're now on to Boston 2 (in either orange or green), which is fine but I'm interested to know if they've changed from the original.

Anyone run in these and what do you think of them?


  • I have the green Boston 2's and a pair of white 2's too (but haven't used the while pair yet).

    Think that the new ones are orange (but have a look on the Start Fitness www as they will always say if a shoes is S/S10 or A/W10 for example. BTW S/S being Spring/Summer and A/W being Autumn/Winter). That way you'll know what the latest colour is or how old the ones you are trying to find are!

    Use the 2's for training in (and the odd off road marathon) and find them good. The Adios are great light weight racing shoes BTW.

  • I've been using Boston 2s for training for a while now. I've had two pairs of green and one orange. I'm trying to get some more but Wiggle are showing them as discontinued and after a quick look around the other sites it looks like I'm out of luck unless I'm a size 13.5 or a 7. I agree with Sean G on the Adios; great for racing but too light to train in every day.

    I changed to the Bostons from Waverider 13s because Mizuno completely messed up the WR 14s but I see the WR15 is coming soon...may be worth a look.

    Crazy Diamond: I was exactly the same as you. Running in reccommended support shoes but still developing calf problems (shinsplints). Tried a pair of neutrals out of desparation and haven't had a problem since (touches wood). That was about 3 years ago.

  • Bostons 2's have not been discontinued, they are still available although Adidas have pretty much sold out. Autumn/Winter 11 colourway is neon orange, Spring Summer 11 colour is Green.

    New Boston 3 comes out in January in a yellow/orange colourway and looks fantastic. More cushioning and more comfort, yet still nice and light.

  • sensible: thanks for that, I'll keep looking then. Don't think they need tinkering with too much though; don't really need more cushioning.
  • Thanks guys.  Have to say, I've been through several different makes of trainer but since moving to Adizeros haven't looked back, which is why I'm so keen to go with them again.  They've definitely not been withdrawn but on speaking to Sweatshop in Dundee today they tell me that stock is definitely low.  I can get some in my size but only if they're pink!  Like you, I've only been able to find them online in the less popular sizes.  I'm hoping there's not bags more cushioing on them as I feel they're just at the right elvel for me.  Anything more I'm worried will push my gait off.

  • Just found some in my size here.....Boston 2 

    Only £57.50 delivered; think I should have bought a few.

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