Lichfield Half Marathon

looking at doing this one, but it says point to point are the start and finish far away from each other as id be coming alone and dont wanna be walking too far to my car afterimageimage


  • Hi Angie.

    I did it last year and from what I remember it was about a 5-10 minute walk back to the car parking area.

    It starts at the leisure centre and then finishes right inside the city centre.

  • cheers for the info

    might give it a go then image

  • There was a shuttle bus than takes you back to the start.
  • I did it last year and it was a fairly easy course, down hill for first third, then flat, then slight incline for the last.

    I'll be doing it again this year.

    You should do it - I really enjoyed it.

  • Oh yeah, don't worry about walking back to the car on your own, it was pretty busy last year and there were alot of people walking that direction.
  • think im gonna enter when i get paid image
  • Just entered, better start doing some training.

     Yet to break to the wife she will be having a Bank Holiday Sunday in Lichfield!

  • Evening image 

    this sounds like a good half and not that far from me, what is the course like ??

  • Ah, i'm very new to running and, thanks to this thread, now understand what point to point means! This looks like a nice event, doing my first half (Bath) in March and was looking for another...think payday may see me book up too! Look forward to seeing you all there.

  • hoping to be there tomorrow

    it should be an easy easy easy run image

  • See ya tomorrow. 3rd half in 4 weeks "/
  • Will be there, first half this year
  • Anyone had there time yet? Is it right?
  • we ran Lichfield HM today for the first time in 2:20, i'll settle nicely for that considering allowing for some of the road surfaces and moderate undulations and grass finish...we had a nice walk back from the finish to our car at start,

    i thought the event was superb, and i duely told them so before i left as well  

  • ness3ness3 ✭✭✭

    Yes. It was lovely to see you both there today.


    I definitely want to do that one again next year. A good race. image

  • Cosmic

    Results are on stuweb website, the time they've given me is 22 seconds slower than what i clocked on my watch. It still gives me a PB which i'm delighted with but others maybe denied, I'd expect a couple of seconds either way but their margin of difference really is vast.

  • Mine is about 17 seconds out, not to fussed, but i think they had the chip and gun times the wrong way round when I looked which was confusing me.
  • would anyone know if the list is up to date as cant see my'n or my friends numbers listed thanks


  • My time was also out by about 30 seconds.Were we supposed to receive a medal or did we just get the glass memento?

    Great race and will be back next year!
  • ness3ness3 ✭✭✭

    The time posted on the website was the same as the time my Garmin got for me. I only got the glass memento, which was nice, but I do prefer medals. 


    It's a race I'd do again though.

  • My time is missing from the results list but I can find it on the Stu Webb website if I search by my race number. It's also 20 seconds slower than my Garmi, which is annoying as a 1.27 sounds better than 1.28, but sill a PB.
  • My tie was 1.41.26 on my Garmin which i started and stopped on the mats at both start and finish but my official time is 1.41.42. It doesn,t seem like much but on the day i was really pleased with my time and it,s a bit disapointing, to find it not confirmed by the chip time. As someone else said i can accept a few seconds but it seems as though its happened to quite a few people. Still, apart from that it was a very nice run to do and i will be back. Just hope maybe someone might look in to this.

  • There were problems with times at the Fradley 10k as well his year and last year.

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