Lake District events

Looking for something for 2012 to combine with a weekend / night away.

Anything upto a half marathon ideally South Lakes/nearish to Preston where the in-laws reside.

Any help appreciated!image


  • Ceck out te FRA site they have a list of a load of fell races or ask on the forum... there will be plenty.
  • Cheers but I was thinking trail or road tbh. OH might run too if in-laws will look after kids!
  • Any of the Lakeland Trail events - just google Lakeland Trails.  Very popular, well organised, slick events.

    Coniston 14 road race - April (I think). One of my favourites.

    Check out the LDWA challenge events on their website - Grasmere in April, Borrowdale in June or the brilliant 4 passes challenge in October (not that I'm biased!)

    Langdale marathon/half marathon

  • Lakeland trails do one in Cartmel..... and you get a sticky toffee pudding image
  • have a look at the 'crossbay challenge'
  • ET try these matey.

    linky linky or you could be checky and linky image


    my bf is doing this and we're combining it with a weekend in the lakes sun may 20th
  • imageConiston 14 is one great run it was my first distance race after only running for 5 months and did 1h 57mins at a light weight of 17stone and all in all done it 8 times pb 1h 42mins so luck to break 1h 40 next year. Its a good one to start your love of running in the lakes as once you've ran up there blackpool and the prom will not be so appealing as you will try and break your pbs on great courses hope to see you there must warn you this will fill quick and get digs sorted. The waterheads hotel is close to the start and is a good place to stay.image
  • Thanks Alan. That sounds good and I think my f-i-l has mentioned that one. image
  • imageIf your thinking of doing it get a hilly 14 mile training run and make sure you have a big hill at 10 mile that lasts for just over a mile and you should be ok. The finish is great as people line both sides of the road and its slightly down hill and you give it loads even though you are knackeredimage its great even though you can hardly walk the day after but thats the pain and gain thing.image
  • I am in for this next Saturday not looking forward to mile ten!
  • Dont worrie its mile 11+ that is tough and the ten before it. But respect the terrain and if poss carry fluid with you and take it as early as you can and dont get dragged into setting of to quick or you will pay for it later on good luck see you there.
  • Cheers Alan not really done any races of this nature only vlm once and a few halves and a couple of fell races so looking forward to it.
  • The Keswick Half Marathon on the May BH weekend is one of best races in the country - if a bit challenging.
  • If you're staying in Preston have a look at the rivington half in oct. that's trail and is a top run.
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