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Has anyone had any experience with Runkeeper half - marathon fitness classes? I am dithering between intermediate and sub 2:00. I am relatively slow at the mo, 10K PB of 53.
I did one class with runkeeper and I found it very motivating, but the programmes seem to start at quite low intensity, as if they were all designed to take you from the sofa to wherever you want to get.

will be grateful for any thoughts/opinions



  • I decided against them because they start on a particular date and assume the race is on a Saturday. They just didn't line up with my target date at the time. I chose MyAsics instead simply to have a plan customised for my target date.

    Regarding intensity, so long as your current performance meets the requirements for a given plan, I wouldn't worry about it. It is counter-intuitive but easier workouts actually make you faster particularly at longer distances like the half. I'm not suggesting that none of your sessions should be hard but the plans usually factor in enough of everything. Remember the aim of the game is to complete all the training without sustaining injury and be fit for your race.

    You might find some of the articles and threads from this site on HRM training interesting. I mistakenly used to think that I should be pushing myself really hard in every training session and the result was inevitably injury. Even when I finally understood that was stupid, I still didn't appreciate how low the intensity of an easy session should be for my body. An HRM helped me appreciate that.

    Take a look at the RW book "RUNNERS WORLD RUN LESS RUN FASTER: Become a Faster, Stonger Runner with the Revolutionary First Training Program". I'm in the process of preparing to use one of the plans from it so I can't say how well they work but there are plenty of testimonials and research evidence to say they do. The plans are based on paces derived from your PBs and seem to have a nice blend of hard and easy workouts.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks WBF, your comments about the intensity are reassuring.

    I am using HRM but I need to be more disciplined in following its guidance (I tend to push on LSR too much)

    I will also try to look up the 'less is more' programme image

    I do try to vary the intensity of my trainings just was a bit puzzled that the intermediate class doesn't seem to include longer weekend runs from the start.

    I also tried other programmes but just wasn't able to stick to them as well as I did to my runkeeper class so I might still go for it. I don't bother that much with the rigid timetable - with 24-week class there is no chance I am going to follow it to the day - some flexibility will have to come into it.
    many thanks
  • Good luck. There is another book I can recommend called Heart Monitor Training for the Compleat Idiot. Explains all the theory behind the going slow. I found it gave me the discipline to really stick to it and it worked for my half.
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