Wot no Triathletes World magazine??

So.... the letter says my subscription will continue if I don't let them know by 29th November (good job I'm not on a two week holiday). But in the mean time "here is your free copy of Triathlon Plus - your new subscription will start with the December issue".

Oh. It's the December issue you sent me.

And to add insult to injury, there is an ad inside the magazine which says if you subscribe, you get a free cycle jacket worth £50. Yet if you are forced into it, you'll be lucky to get a magazine worth four quid!!

Ranty ranty moan moan. I've been a subscriber the whole time Triathlete's World has existed and I am a bit peeved.



  • Me too image Especially as I think my hubby has bought me a new subscription for Christmas!

  • It was always going to fail. They copied the RW format which is weak and only works because it has been going for years and applied it to a cutting edge sharp sport.

    Trathlete Europe was ok last time I read it. Is it still going ?

  • I unsubscribed from TE a few months ago Alex. It went off the boil too IMO.

  • Oh. I was just starting to like it. image
  • Does that mean we go back to RW website?

     Oddly enough I looked for a subscription offer the other day and couldn't find one - obvious now. Ended up going for 5 for £5 for Triathlon220. Have set reminder to cancel subscription just before it costs me real money. But then again if I enjoy it I might not.


  • Trouble with all these things is there is only enough you can say about them. Its not like buying PC World where there is ever changing technology always gives them something to write about.

    Until we grow an extra leg or whatever there may be nothing  to keep writing about in RW / TW other than the same old.

  • Welsh Alex wrote (see)

     a cutting edge sharp sport.

    Sorry, that just  made me piss myself laughing imageimageimageimageimage

  • TE hadn't been around long enough to get repetive. The articles left me thinking 'no shit Sherlock' a few too many times.

    I just googled cutting edge and triathlon images to be funny and look what came up.. I wonder how much stock they have left? image http://www.carvalhocustom.com/products-page/pirates/
  • Triathlon Plus is a million miles better than TW. TE is OK and 220 is probably the best of the bunch, hey if they shut down TW we may all have to go off to Tripe Talk
  • IMO Athletics Weekly has some good articles in the performance section - dont buy it just have a crafty read image
  • I get TE and 220, very different mags given they're covering the same sport.  Same pages of ads, unfortunately.
  • The infrequent times I look for a tri mag (usually to read on a flight), ive always found TW half as thick as 220 so plumped for the latter.

    Either that or a Razzle image

  • Not too fussed as my subscription has always been a gift anyway.  It will be interesting to see what happens to the website though.  Maybe someone from RW Towers can pop in and tell us?
  • Has the title tanked? That's a pity - because the recent editions of TW have been good and I thought they were a big improvement.

    +1 for the repetition thing.... i happily read last year's, which (surprise surprise) have largely the same content as this year's.

  • Maybe they'll go to a web only magazine.  If any of the TW editors are now jobless, I hope you find something else soon.

    And to the web editors, your link at the bottom to subscribe to TW now goes to Hearst magazines. Is that wrong?
  • TW on Twitter said

    <a href="http://twitter.com/#!/triworlduk" title="Triathlete's World">triworlduk</a> Triathlete's World We are now focusing on our online magazine - there won't be a print edition but you can still read all our great content.
  • http://privatefraser.wordpress.com/page/2/

    This website wont let me do links in Chrome - don't know if it's my settings or ?
  • No it's just Chrone on here popsider.


    The Race Is Not To The Swift Filed

    Very interesting times over at NatMags Hearst UK. Following the axing of [i]She[/i] and [i]Cosmo Brides[/i] over the summer, the finishing line has now been reached by Triathletes World.

    It will pay to keep an eye on Hearst over the next few months; a board reshuffle done with an unsentimentality that Michael Corleone would have been proud of, the dropping of a formerly big brand, the axing of a number of brand extensions – all imply some even more brutal changes to come.

    -- And just in case anyone is bored, why it's Hearst now and not Natmags Linky

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