Fitness Levels

Hello,i just wanted to know why my fitness level has dropped slightly as i have noticed my pace has dropped  down to 20/30secs slower than normal around 8.20 mm,i have been told that its down to the colder weather and your muscles are working harder than normal! is this right?i have been running for 2yrs now my first and then last years winter didnt really matter as i was still burning alot of fat to loose alot of weight , i seem to be struggling when i have been doing hill work or a faster pace,am i getting paranoird or is it right what ive been told.


  • Do you do all of your sessions at the same pace ?

    Maybe its an accumulation of fatigue ?

    I don't think its got cold enough yet to affect pace significantly ?

    Or maybe you're fighting a bug ?
  • Hi,im not sure what it could be,i do try to mix my runs up but running alone alot it is very hard to do,some runs are at full pace 7.10s then a slower recovery at 8s then other runs are inbetween them times.

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