Running in Neath

Hi, I'm an ex-pat living in Cheshire.  I'm going home for a weekend in Dec and looking for a 15-17 mile route for a run in prep for the Manchester Marathon next year.  Anyone got any suggestions ? 


  • I'd search first on mapometer - the site where runners can store their routes and allows other people to search for them.  If there's nothing suitable, map out your own route from it - it's very easy to use.
  • Thanks, much appreciated
  • Where in Neath will you be running from - I can give you a very good idea of a few routes - some, even scenic! 
  • Can be really scenic - once you leave Neath.

    I'll get my coat...................

  • Sorry John,

     I'm from Swansea though have a lot of family from Neath and there is always a little bit of rivalry.

    If you don't want to get lost you can follow the River Neath for miles on cycle route 46??but it's out and back or head up the Neath Valley and then back over the top of the hills through the forests.

    If you get a map there is literally miles and miles of trails through the forests east of Neath

    This website may give you some ideas.


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