Winos, your assistance please

judging from other posts, you lot combined are on a par with Jilly Goolden. Here's the thing. Following my visit ti Oz earlier this year, have just found out I will be visited by them this friday!
Prt of my hosting responsibility is to provide lunch and drinks. The meal will be a lasagne salad, garlic bread affair.
I need to serve wine, but the question is what to go for. I need a decent red- light, fruity eg valpolicella or similar, and a crisp but fruity white. It can't really be Australian for fear of a 'coals to Newcastle' job.
Suggestions greatly received.

Over and out.


  • Barkles

    I know nothing about wine other than it tastes nice and gets me mellow (and makes typing slightly tricky!)But as no one else is alive this morning...
    Italian reds would be a good idea as most Italian is lighter than French, just don't touch Barolo - too heavy for me. If you wanted a nice light French red I'd suggest a Brouilly or even lighter a Fleurie (trouble is if French reds get reallly light you have to spend a lot before they taste nice.)

    Or just go to Oddbins or Winerack (if you have one near you and see what they suggest) (probably a lot safer than following my advice!!) Ooops - seem to have got lost in bracket land...

    Hope you have a good time. Oh, and if your friends are Austrailian - better get lots of bottles...:o)
  • There are many better qualified people than me but as they're not here yet I'll put in my few pennyworth. I would go for a Merlot & a Chenin Blanc. Not very adventurous but its what I like!
  • If they're real ozzies then all you need is a couple of cases of Castlemaine and a chunder bucket.
    They'll probably vote you a real bonza sort (for a pom).

    After all.. ozzies wouldn't give a XXXX for anything else.
  • Barkles,

    In France, a Touraine Sauvignon will do the crisp fruity thing (Oddbins, Victoria Wine, Tesco, Sainsburys will invariably have up to a few) or a Muscadet in the 4-6 pound region - and, of a similar style with a bit more character, but harder to find, a Cheverny. A Sancerre or Pouilly Fume if you want to spend 7-10 (with wine specialists likely to have the edge over supermarkets on quality, though the supermarkets have improved immensely in last 2-3 years). In Italy, a Pinot Grigio will do the light and crisp (easier to guzzle!), though slightly less fruity.

    On the light red side of things, in France, less expensive that doesn't taste poo comes from Loire in the guise of Chinon, Bourgueil (sp?), Anjou-Saumur and, further south-west of Bordeaux, there can be a good Bergerac lurking (though worth taking advice if poss)

    Quick caveat - wine is obviously more a matter of personal taste - these are the ones I enjoy the most that suit the light, crisp, fruit white, and light red category that work for me. Hope that your wine choices are successful.

  • Cheers mates
    I'll clearly have to have several serious tasting sessions.
  • What about Safeways? Any recommendations?
  • Barkles,

    For light reds we always go for Montepulciano d'Abruzzo or Cotes de Rhone. Would also recommend the Banrock Station from Oz.

    For white why not spring Cariad on them, made in Wales and pretty good if not a tad overpriced at £7 ish.

    Seeing as you must have a vast income as a teacher (after all you can afford Safeway) why don't you just get the butler to bring something suitable up from your cellar.

    If you need any help with tasting I can make myself available, will next be passing through Monmouth on Tuesday and Friday.
  • I am into Aussie Red's. I would recommend
    any of the Wolfblass range, Penfold do a good range, Rosemont Estate is excellent and often available on offer.

    On a light hearted note, a couple of weeks ago I was ringing around local off licences to try and arrange to hire some wine, beer and champagne glasses for my wedding. The conversation with the assistant at Bargain Booze went something like this:-

    Fat Face - "Hi, could you tell me if you do glass hire"

    Spotty face assistant - "Do you know which country it comes from?"

    Fat Face - complete hysterical laughter

    This, I can assure you, is no joke!!
  • Barkles,

    How's the tasting going?

    Have you managed to shave this morning?

    Did you have to kneel down to clean your teeth in case bending over made you barf?
  • Moannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

    something like that.
  • I'm no conno…conners…cona…expert, but I can heartily recommend Banrock Station's Shiraz Mataro. Me and Missus Baimbridge drink this stuff 'til it's dribbling out of our ears. Which, when I think about it, probably isn't a good thing:-) Anyway it's lovely, and I think on offer in Sainsbury's at the moment. Give it a whirl.
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