Chernobyl 10k


Chernobyl 10k and 5k series are all back at the WELCOME INN on Hennel Lane Preston

Hope to see you all there!


  • ( I'm pretty sure I'm the only RW reader who saw this thread title and immediately thought (' Wow! tee shirt to DIE for....the down side being that it would probably glow in the dark....' )

    ...and then I read the location and figured this was a series of roadraces in Preston to raise money for the Chernobyl Children's charity ? Good cause, well done guys. 

    ( but part of me would still quite fancy a 10K through the zone.....sorry, coat fetched...TAXI ! )

  • Good news indeed Steve, guess we will be there one way or the other image

    Roger well what I say ??? Don't give up the day job???image

    How about when can Steve expect your entry?


  • KOB..

    ..about the same time he signs up to do the London 10K in aid of Combat Stress ?

    Friend of mine has kids from Chernobyl over to stay  for a week every year so I'm familiar with the charity's work.

     ....and I would still sign up for a run over there in support of the charity - but to be honest, a 10K around Preston doesn't have the same appeal, lovely spa town though it is......image

  • The london 10k when is I'll pay the entry for both me and steve and Roger can sign up for Chernobyl and bring half a dozen shoe boxes full of things for kids of all ages to send over to them.

  • I will have to wait for the F.A. CUP draw
  • done this race a few times good route though the woods on tram track and round the river
  • The London event is called the ASICS British 10K  and is  usually in July...Combat Stress had 90 runners in last year's event and you get the picnic in the park afterwards...

    If you and Steve want to run for C-S contact is Zoe Manns 01372 587143

     many RW runners have a poor view of this event because there have been probs with organisation in the past - and it aint cheap......the BUPA 10K in May is better run...I'm trying to persuade CS to do that one instead but we'll see!


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