GRIM 8 - Original (Day 2)

Not had much rain this autumn so last weekend I checked out "Grimland" as I live nearby.
Puddle depths are low but its still very sticky. Got the organisers email about the change of course and I know the new section they mean. It will be a lot more fun than the boring mile 5-7 section of the old route.
This will be my 4th consecutive Grim (scene of my profile picture!)

Oh, and for added difficulty a major moto X event was held here last weekend just to churn it up extra. Looking forward to it!!!!!


  • It'll be my 3rd grim this year. Looking forward to it. Being local I plan to cycle round it sometime this weekend & check out the new route. Hope the mild weather holds for another 10 days!
  • The race itself was great. Would have been more fun if there had been more rain but no one can help that. The race staff were really helpful (I forgot my chip!) There were loads of toilets so didn't have to queue. But the negatives were that on the course there was three cattle grids exposed. I know it's a cross country race but they should have been covered. And only one water station for 8.5 miles? No medal to add to my collection but a nice t-shirt. All in all worth doing but some improvements needed.
  • This was my fourth Grim, but the first since 2004.

    I was amazed by the "gloopy bog" under teh cargo net.  It was such a laugh. There were people pulling each other out of the gloop!

    Will def return for a fifth!!image

  • My first time today and I loved it - head to toe in gloop under the net

  • Hi All

    Gotta say what a fun event.....Mud Mud glorious mud and water of course with plenty of laughs along the way, including when I side stepped a runner in a big puddle, only to fall into a deep hole and just managed to keep my head above the water level...... Cold but happy

    Will be there next year.....image

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