Newton MV2s

Christmas is coming and looking for a present. I currently run in Newton distance racers and like them. I was wondering if anyone had got the MV2s yet and if so what they thought of them?


  • Hi, I have been testing the MV2 since they were launched in the USA 2 months ago, and although I m slightly biased towards Newton shoes as I have been running in this type of shoes for the past 4 years.

    I have only tested them on runs up to 10km, and for that distance I find them perfect. Lightweight, responsive and best bit is that the lugs underneath are finally spaced all the way to the edge/side of the shoe meaning that when going through cornerns or track work one doesn't feel as unstable as lets say in the Distancia. 

     The shoe itself is a zero drop shoe, however it comes with an additional 3mm insole for the heel that you can put in for a few weeks to adjust to a more minimal shoe. I have taken the insoles out now, and I find them perfect for the above distance of 10km. Mind you I m not yet sure how I would feel if I took them above 10km.

     Just keep in mind that they come up small in comparison to the normal newton, I went a full size bigger to ensure I had a correct fit, and this seems like a common occurance from most runners who have bought the MV2.

     Additionally, with Winter now in the onset I will not use them MV2 that much, especially if its raining as the mesh upper would make my feet get wet a little to quickly. But otherwise a great shoe, if not a very quick shoe.

  • Your post got me over to Newton's web site.

    Quite like the look of the Gravity but unsure whether it would be suitable for some of the muddy trails I like to squelch along with doggo.

    Any thoughts as to their suitability or alternatives?
  • The Gravity is a great shoe, although for Winter Running I would either use the Sir Issacs, as the lugs underneath give you a better widder grip, or if you are just running on muddy trails, and you want the Newtons to last long, then I would look at the Trail Version of Newton. I use the Trail version for all my winter running, when its wet or trail wise running. They last much better then the normal road running version.


  • Well, Newtons look great, though the price is putting me off a bit...

    Sir Isaacs/Terra/All Weather all look great and are exactly what I was looking for in my next shoe to be honest.

    As I don't really hang out with runners I don't think I'd have found them without this thread.
  • Newton Pricing initially seems high, but in comparison, most high-end trainers are around the 120Pounds benchmark, with some of ASICS and Saucony trainers retailing for around 135Pounds.

     A lot of running shops offer 10% discount if you belong to a Runners Club or Cycling Club, and sometimes it is worth looking around the Internet, although Newton UK tries to keep the pricing the same for online and retail stores to ensure an even playing field. Plus when you buy through a retail store you usually get advice on Newtons, how to initially train with them and to increase your milage with them. Although not every shop does this.

     The Newton UK website has a list of dealers that stock Newtons, but just call ahead to enrsure that they stock the Terra or all weather shoe, as this is not a shoe most of them carry. The standard Sir Issacs are what most Newton stockist will stock. In case they don't have the Terra/All weather one, you can still try on the Sir Issacs, as fit is exactly the same on these, as the Terra/All Weather ones are build on the same platform as the SIr Issacs.Then they can either order it in for you, or you can see if you can get it online. Just make sure sizing is correct, as sizing is usually half a size bigger than your normal trainer.

     LIke with any trainer, it is important to try them on first. If you need any more advice I be more than happy to help.

  • Yep, fair point wrt price...

    Really appreciate your thoughts on this... Mrs S has permitted the expense (and I'd rather spend the money on the right thing rather than slightly less on the wrong thing).

    They've got the Sir I's in at Sweatshop, so might get on down there, let them put the order in.

    But half a size you say...very easy to just click that 'Buy' button on the web site...
  • No problem at all. But again, do try them on for size first. Or order two sizes and then send one back.

     p.s. if you based in London, and Sweatshop doesn't have them or can't get them in, then I can recommend you a place where you can get them from. (Disclaimer: I work for speciality sports store in Central London)

  • Hey, no worries...based in Manchester (nearer the hills...but not near enough).

    I think I'll pull the trigger on a pair of Terras half a size up - I've done a bit of reading on them today and they'll be about right. But, as you say, they can always be returned if required.

    I've been concentrating on mid-foot striking a lot since I started running again with good results, so I'll use them on a couple of short runs on softer ground and build from there.

    Really looking forward to giving them a go.
  • I got the MV2s. Seemed great at first, very fast, but after two weeks have developed a hole in the side. Will take them back at the weekend and get a replacement. The distance racers also suffered from being a bit flimsy, hope it isn't a Newton trait.
  • If they have developed a hole in the side after two weeks already then they would be covered by the manufacturers gurantee, although this is the first time I have heard of hole in the side of the MV2, so it might just be a one-off.

     Distance Racers should be more sold, and I have the current pair and I used run around 60km a week for 6 month and they are still going strong, although this was done on pavement in complete dry weather. 

     Over the past 6 months we have had only one Newton return which was the Sir Issacs, but all in all Newton are not known for their trainers breaking down.

  • AN,

    Took back to shop. Shop replaced without problem but assistant commented that racers in general should not be used for high mileage training but rather reserved for racesonly. Not sure if this was just a cop out to explain away lack of durability.

  • I m not a believer that racers should not be used for high milage training.  Newton MVs should last the same amount of miles as their Distancia for example, but of course milage is all relative as it tends to depend on once own running ability.

     I do 80% of my training in minimal trainers, ranging from MV2 to Vibram Fivefingers. I prefer running with less cushioning and zero drop shoes, but this is not for everybody. The shop assistant was probably looking at it all from the point of view, that a normal cushioned shoe is for training, with minimal racer being for race only, but this only applies to runners who like this approach. There are plenty of runners out there, who run differently, such a heel strike, midfoot strike or forefront strike. Every different running style, has different approaches to what trainers would be suitable or what distance one should run or can run.

     If your happy with doing high milage with the MV2 then keep doing it, but keep an eye on any aches or pains of course.

  • Hi AN,
    I was more than happy doing high mileage with mv 2s and distance racers before that. I have always run on my forefoot since starting running last April. (I ran 10k in less than 40 mins and am over 40 so not a complete novice though) My only issue is that I don't want my running shoes to fall apart after 50 miles!
    I have noticed that on the mv2 the mesh goes down to the sole whereas on the gravity there is a plastic strip linking the mesh to the sole. It is at the join between the mesh and sole that the hole on the mv2 (and my old distance racers) appeared.

  • Surrey Runner, interesting that you mention that. I am a massive Newton fanboy, i currently own three pairs, they are without doubt my favorite shoe ever, I am however moving away from them gradually due to the quality of the product. I have had the same issues with more than one pair of shoes. My fourth pair of Newtons have all ready been replaced with mizuno's and the others will follow in due time.

    Newtons, love the shoes, hate the quality

    issues I had repeatedly with Newtons are, I have a narrow foot and if you pull the laces tight, the metal eye let insert for the laces at the top of the shoe tears the cloth, I also had the shoe itself seperate from the sole in more than one pair of shoes, they tear right where the shoe joins the base you do not notice the tear unless you go looking for it, down by the mesh at the base of the cloth. I have experienced both of these issues on more than two pairs of shoes as such consider them to be fragile. I also do not get the mileage out of them, I personally think newtons are good for less miles than many other shoes. I never noticed this untill trying different brands.
  • Been using Newtons for the past few years for road running but use Vivobarefoot Evo on the track and Inov-8 BareGrip 200 off road.

    Wanted a road shoe that had a bit of cushioning but was light like a minimal shoe, so thought I would give the MV2 a go.

    Ordered the same size as normal as I have narrow feet. They come up snug but don't rub.

    Done a about 15 miles in them before using them on 2 x 10 mile races (5 days apart). Didn't miss a beat, no blisters or rubbing anywhere and I PB'ed in both races image

    Only minor issue I have is with the grip. Seem to be a bit slippy on some damp surfaces. However, good reminder to check your form and make sure you are lifting and not pushing off with the rear foot. Could be the are not run in let and will get more gripping when the distance racks up.

    Be interesting to see how long they last as I got just under 900 miles from my Newton Gravities.
  • Havnt had any durability issue with my Newtons, although it will depend on your own running style of course. Newton themselves say that their shoes last as long as any other trainer brand on the market.

  • Replacement pair of MV2s fell apart after a total of 38 miles running. There is clearly a design flaw and I will demand a refund this time.

    They were a comfortable and fast shoe but Newton's quality control seems to have slipped a bit.
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