The Lifestyle Renault Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon

The award-winning race takes place on Sunday 26th February and entries are now open!

The popular race sells out every year, and organisers, Tunbridge Wells Harriers, expect the event to be completely sold out by late December.

The 13.1 mile hilly course is a single loop through some of Kent’s prettiest countryside and has a reputation for being challenging, well organised and is one of the most popular events on the calendar. One highlight of the race is Spring Hill at Fordcombe, which comes at around mile 7 and lasts for a lung busting one and a half miles.

For the first time in the history of the race, there will be a £1000 bonus for anyone breaking the male or female course records, provided by title sponsor Lifestyle Renault. They currently stand at 1:05.33 (Barry Royden, 1999) and for the women 1:13.56 (Liz Yelling, 2011).

In 2011, Runners World readers voted the race as 97% overall and 97% of runners stated they would 'do it again'. In 2009 the race won the Runners World ‘Most Improved Event Award’.

Enter online and more information at



  • I'm in!

    First time doing this one.

  • Going to check what my marathon training schedule is - but have done this fabulous race the last two years running!

    It is bloody ough - but I keep forgetting how tough it is once I finish!

  • Check that schedule Emma but be quick - I believe entries are nearly sold out. The Harriers would love to have you back for a third year!

     Look forward to seeing you there Sarah.

  • This'll be my third year running and I love it!
  • I'm in - third year running too!

    I hope I can beat my time from last year! image

  • Thanks to everyone who gave such great feedback here on RW last year and ranked the Royal Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon Number 2 in Half Marathons in the UK!

     if you're not in yet, it's expected to sell out by end of next week.

  • Wow - what was number 1 then?

    I am always impressed by the organisation and support - even when the weather is horrendous!

    There should be a few folks making the trip from West Sussex to Kent - at least one from my Club. I have even insisted that it be included in my training schedule from Sam Murphy!image

  • OOOh I am SO doing this next year! It is MUCH too soon for me to do it this year but seeing as I was born in Pembury, brought up in Goudhurst it would be rude not to do it at least once! It can be an early 30th birthday present to myself next year!image
  • Emma C - I believe it was the Mull of Kintyre HM

     Mimaduck - Next Year? Nothing like the present!

  • Oh Johnas, I would but I'm only just back to running 5k (with a teeny walk in the middle) after a serious knee injury and major colds/flu things! This year I'm doing my insane challenge of 100 official race miles including the Leeds, Plymouth & Birmingham 1/2 mara's so by next year I'll be in the T Wells one like a shot!
  • i'm only joshing Mimaduck - best of luck with your challenges! TW will be here for many years to come!
  • Johnas wrote (see)
    i'm only joshing Mimaduck - best of luck with your challenges! TW will be here for many years to come!
    heehee! I'll be running all over the shop...and driving everyone crazy!
  • Pah - Tw must be much better than that!

    Where else do you get a double olypic gold medalist presenting you with your medal as you cross the line! I remember desperately trying not to throw up on DKH's shoes last year and I couldn't speak!

    In theory I am aiming to knock about 6 mins of last years time - bit of a tall order as that hill is a KILLER!

  • well, hopefully one of our pacers can help you get there EmmaC. What time you going for?

     There'll be the following pacer groups whose aim is to get you there on time bearing in mind the hills!


  • In 2010 I managed 2:10.56, Last year did 2:01.02 so I want to get under 2:00 but Sam would like me to aim at about 1:55 ... so right in the middle! Not sure If I should start with 2:00 group and try and push it after the hill or start with 1:50 group and allow some slack at the end!

    What do you reckon?!

  • Oh best get myself enterd as last year had to get a place off someone who dropped out.

    Will be my third year in a row. Slowly getting quicker, first year was 2.01 last year was 1.52 so hopefully under 1.50 this yearimage

  • Just waiting for my membership number from Orpington Road Runners and I will be signing up for my first ever half marathon.

    Going for under 2 hours for sure, someone mentioned a small incline at some point but if that's the case I will do what I usually do, head down, get my breath back and press on and await the ease as it levels out.

    Someone mentioned DKH giving out medals, that's an incentive for sure, she is great.
  • it's important to note that the pacers run to gun time and don't run even splits due to the undulating terrain (seen here

    They will definitely go off quicker than average pace in order to get to the hill at 10km ahead of time.

     EmmaC - Prob best to go out with 2:00 pacer and see how you feel at the bottom of the hill as you should be ahead of time and there'll still be 10km to go for you to put your foot down should you feel the need!*

    * obv if you feel the 2:00 pace is too slow and you're feeling good you can always leave them early at a pace that suits you!

  • That was my initial thought! I'm not sure that I would survive running at 1:50 pace that is a big jump!

    Last year I actually planned to walk up spring hill and it payed off - I'm poor at running up hill and when I do the end result is exhaustion for the rest of the race. I did better by conserving my energy and then running more steady for the last 4 miles rather than fading dramatically!

    To be honest - I'll be happy just to get round way I am feeling at the moment!

  • How long is Spring Hill? Is it about a mile?
  • littleladcox - more or less a mile
  • Johnas, where you been mate?!

    And no I'm not doing this one...just randomly saw your name pop up! How's it all going?
  • All good Stevie - just trying to rally the troops for the UK's #2 HM  image

    I pop in on your thread every now and again to see the ridiculous times you lot are posting... you injury free? And what's your excuse for not visiting us in TW?

  • feel free to drop a post in, will be good to hear from you.

    Don't be intimidated by some of those fasties on my thread...i feel like one of the slowest on there these days image

    Doing Wokingham the week before to be fair. Like to pick my races cynically, flat and fast!

    Reasonably injury free after a slight niggle 6 or 7 weeks back. Just whacked out 5 weeks of 60+ miles, so it seems ok!

    Work still curtailing your running, or are you back in the game?
  • Greetings everyone.  Got a text message on Sunday to say only a few places left, so immediately went online and secured a place.  This will also be my third running of this awesome race.  Has it now sold out, can anyone tell me?
  • Hi Mr Finknottle

    Approx 200 entries left - expected to sell out by Friday!


  • Mr F - good to see your name on a forum again! How are you faring?
  • I'm in image

    Wonder what weather we will get this year

  • Please let it be like 2011 NOT 2010!

    I kept my plastic poncho on until mile 7 in 2010 - looked like Forest Gump!

  • I'm in again.

    Will give me some idea of what shape i'm in for Edinburgh Marathon

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