Hats and gloves anyone?

Finally dragged my arse out of bed for an early morning run today. Had a four or five week break since the clocks altered and only just got re-motivated. Damn it was cold. I'm fairly new to running and this is my first autumn/winter. Where do people stand on hats and gloves? I feel that they'd be lovely and toasty for a K or two but then get all hot and sweaty and urghhh! Any recommendations out there.



  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I wore gloves today on my lunchtime run. Your hands and head can get pretty cold when running so I recommend purchasing some.

    I wear gloves that I use for cycling and they do me ok - have a look on wiggle or any running websites, plenty of options. You don't have to spend a fortune.

  • I'll often wear gloves at the start of a run but I'll take them off once I'm warmed up, and it needs to be pretty cold for me to keep them on. I generally use fairly light gloves, but they have the windstopper material in them. I only use a hat (as opposed to a cap) when it's really cold i.e. well below freezing, and that's just to protect my ears. I use a fleece hat that I got as a race souvenir. I use a cap when it's raining sometimes just to try to keep the rain off my glasses, but to be honest it isn't that successful. If I need to take the hat or gloves off at any point I just shove them down the back of my shorts. As I wear Skins compression shorts they're held in place without problem and they don't cause any discomfort at all, not even the solid brim on the cap.
  • Hats and gloves appear when the temperature is 5 degrees or below. Anything warmer than that and they are unneccessary after 10 minutes of running.

  • If it's that cold you may well be wearing a jacket or something with pockets anyway. I got a cheap pair of gloves and a hat from Sports Direct, both work a treat, they don't get too sweaty either, I can run a good 15k in them, no problems.

     As always, it is about what is comfortable for you, I used to be able to take the cold easily, no I've lost that thermal padding, I do feel the cold a lot more, I did draw the line at yellow hats and gloves though image

  • Fingerless gloves are the way forward !

    & those headband type things that cover the cold ears x

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭
    well, we're all different - so work out what's best for you. I like to keep gloves on for whole run if under about 8C, otherwise I can't undo my shoelaces afterwards. I guess all my blood is in my legs...or something...
  • Been on sports direct and picked up some gloves. Nike only a fiver. Bargain. Longsleeved tops with hi-viz strips too. Always find spending money a great way to motivate myself into stepping over threshold.

    Hadn't thought about taking gloves off when you get too warm....what a divvy. Think I'll stick them down the front of my shorts though to compensate for any *clears throat* 'shrinkage'!image

  • Never bother with gloves. Just tuck your hands up inside your sleeves.

    Hat - it'd need to be really cold. And even then it would probably come off after a bit. Maybe go for a buff - you can wrap it round your wrist easily if you overheat.
  • Agree with Muppley, the headbands that are made to cover the ears are great as your head doesnt overheat but your ears remain toasty

  • I use a buff, find it ideal to keep my head warm and also keeps the sweat out of my eyes!!image
  • Like Cougs I always pull my sleeves over my hands, they warm up after a mile or two.

    On long runs where I'm going to be shedding clothes I just build in a circuit past my house and chuck hats and things into the garden - appreciate this won't work for you if you live 15 floors up though!

  • I never wear a hat, I get too hot.  I do use a fleece earwarmer though, which keeps my ears from freezing without over-heating my head.

    I use thin fleece gloves in very cold weather, but usually take them off after a mile or two.  I has to be very cold indeed for them to stay on the whole run.

  • Like many others I get too hot in a 'full' hat so wear a fleece style buff which lets my head 'breath'. but keeps the ears warm.

    I do have a pair of 1000 mile lightweight gloves but it has to be really cold to wear them - usually the numbness only last a mile or so anyway.......image

    Toes get pretty chilly though!

  •  I wear a buff thing for my ears in freezing cold and fleece gloves, which are handy for wiping my nose in the cold!!!
  • Another ear muff person here. I get earache when I'm running or cycling in the cold even if the rest of me is overheating but it's rarely cold enough for a full hat. 

    Thin gloves if it's really cold, then I take them off and put them in my waistband. As a women I don't suffer from shrinkage.image

  • I wear gloves if it's a bit cold before I head out the door. My long runs go something like - gloves one - gloves off - gloves on - gloves off - gloves on ..... repeat about once per mile!

    I've not yet reached hat wearing, but have worn my headband that covers my ears once this year. 

  • cougie wrote (see)
    Never bother with gloves. Just tuck your hands up inside your sleeves. Hat - it'd need to be really cold. And even then it would probably come off after a bit. Maybe go for a buff - you can wrap it round your wrist easily if you overheat.

    I did the same last night for my 5 miler. Thought it was cold when i went out but then took my hat off half way around as my skull was being cooked

  • Decathlon £1 a pair fleece gloves work for me. Rarely need a hat, but they do a pretty reasonable runner's beanie as well.

    I was expecting to get really cold this morning as well, but was actually pleasantly surprised: probably didn't need the semi-thermal top after all. Nice and sweaty at the end of 5 mile tempo run!
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    same as cougs, sleeves and buff, my head sweats so much a hat is a nightmare.  Think I wore one last year on a very snowy run though.
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • I agree with 15West, whatever works for you.

    I use gloves and a hat but the hat usually comes off after a while.
  •  I find that i need a hat to keep the old ears warm otherwise they start to sting a while when out in the cold and running, same goes for the hands.  As for getting too hot, it doesn't really bother because I figure having sweaty (but warm) hands is better than having cold (and dry, cracked hands.  

    But then again it is personal preference.  Try some different combinations of things (inc. nothing) and you'll soon realise what works best for you.  Like others have said, you can always take off anything you wear once you've been running for a bit.



  • I bought a pretty hat and gloves combo for an unreasonable price back when I was thinking about running a lot but not really running that much. I don't think i've ever worn them.

    In fact, I forgot about them completely until I went out and bought a pretty hat and gloves combo for cycling and then while looking for a drawer to keep them in, I discovered the ones I'd bought for running. Right next to my unused pilates socks.

    Hands in the sleeves for the first ten minutes works a treat for me, and I have a headband for my ears that can be wrapped around my wrist if I get too hot.
  • Sub 8 or 9 degrees the gloves go on but still in short sleeve vest - keeping the bits at the end warm seems to keep the whole arm warm enough. Sub zero the hat goes on too and a second layer over the short sleeve running vest. Once anything is on it tends to stay on for the duration of the run. That's what works for me!
  • I suffer with cold hands, so once it drops to about 8C they come out (just an old pair of Nike knitted things). Windproof cycling ones come out when it gets well under zero. I don't like big fat things on my hands when running. Hat appears very occasionally (once or twice last winter - I've found a very thin one which is designed to go under cycle helmet does the job just fine.
    Thermal l/s, and windproof gilet once it gets down around zero, never really felt the need to go beyond that. Tights are a no-no - I hate running with anything on my legs.

    Long and short of it is we're all different - I regularly see people togged up to the nines with bare hands when I'm out in shorts and t-shirt and gloves! Just try different things and see what suits you.
  • I start with gloves and Hat but by a mile out i end up ripping them off and rolling up sleaves! Im crap at weather predicting. i should work in the weather service image
  • I ran Clowne half yestaday with hat and gloves on as it was very cold and strong winds
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