• Ny mother told me about this the other day which is a little unnerving image
  • saw details on this when it was 1st announced - not sure if we're going to enter as we have 2 Oly's later that month (Windsor and Ellesmere Nat Champs).

    the bike won't be easy - some tough climbs on that route esp. the climb up to Fairlight but also some fast flat sections (wind dependant)

    we might try and blag the reffing spot so be warned!!
  • Oooh, think I'll have to do this - it'd be rude not to with it being so close to my parents!  Good spot Plum
  • Any idea what time of day this is likely to be? I guess it might depend on the tides etc. Just wondering if it is an overnighter or one where you can drive down (1.5 hours or so away), rack and race on the same day?
  • Gladys - every thought of looking at the website?? image

    but to save you the trouble:

    sprint - start time circa 9.00 - 9.30am
    oly - start time circa 10.30 - 10.40am
  • Cheers! I did look but didnt see!! I guess old age is coming my way!

    Is it bad, getting old, FB?! image
  • Just looked again... its a bit obvious second time around, sorry!
  • "Is it bad, getting old, FB?!"

    no - it's fine but you young uns seem to be having a problem handling it.... image

    and be careful you cheeky young whippersnapper - if I'm reffing, I'll be on the lookout for any "verbal abuse of an official"
  • oo that looks like a goodun thanks Plum

    Love that part of the country , used to flog antiques (uses the term loosely but really means old tat ) in a shop in Rye .    Only a couple of hours away from me as well so has to be done i think .. a good warmer upper for Outlaw.

  • btw - if you're thinking of entering, don't hang around - only 150 places in each event.
  • image It takes an age to drive into Winchelsea up that hill!

    I don't think we'll venture down that part of the world twice next year. Marshman will be it.

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