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Is there someone out there that can help me!  I have entered my third Meon Valley Plod and already I am concerned that once I reach Butser Hill I will have to walk up then down it! It's the mud, chalky sludge and I cannot run without slipping up. It is always disappointing especially down hill.  Is it my footware, my running style, how do I keep running over this terrrain.  I use studded Adidas Adizero's, comfortable for the 20 miles and great over the rest of the course.

 Any ideas




  • Someone with more expertise in the ways of off-road footwear might come along with a useful suggestion, but quite honestly IMO muddy chalky sludge is about one of the worst surfaces for grip, so you're probably best off giving it up as a bad job.  I say this having run the Beachy Head marathon (lots of chalky downs) in bad conditons and just being pleased I stayed on my feet!


  • Hi paul - I've just had a look at the Adidas website because I didn't know they did a Adizero trail shoe and all I could see were football boots with studs? And road type Adizero running shoes  Apologies if I'm wrong.  Football boots grip fine on muddy grass surfaces as they're designed to do but the type of terrain you describe needs something far more agressive.   I don't know the event you are doing but I'd either get some shoes with a more agressive grip or resign yourself to walking.  I left my fell shoes at home by mistake at a similar event this year and ended up running in road shoes through similar conditions to which you describe.... it was lethal!! It is so liberating to totally trust your shoes! image

    If I'm wrong about the shoes - could you post a link?

  • I ran the Meon Valley a couple of years ago and know the hill your talking about. I used road shoes and they were not ideal. Due to the variances in the route terrain I would just opt for your normal trail shoes and except it will be difficult coming down that hill, but your be comfortable for the rest of the course.
  • Hi,

      Thank you all for the response, the shoes may have changed they are similar to the Kanadia, it appears they don't make them anymore. They are well studded.. All you comments agree with my thoughts that I should just accept the walk............although I did think about using Yakgrips, they are for ice mainly!  I am fairly heavy so will always be at a disadvantage. Any more views welcome.


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