Fred Hughes 10

Who's in? This'll be my first 10 miler. Any regulars care to share route details? hilly?


  • Route details can be found on the St Albans Striders site

    Good course but it is undulating. You`re either going up or going down so it`s quite tiring.

    That said, attractive route - mainly rural (on roads) or semi-rural.

    Good friendly atmosphere, cheery marshalls and the pick of St Albans` pubs for a post-race pick me up pint.

  • i'm doing it, first race of the new year. Ran the half marathon last year in quite a quick time so hoping to beat my only other 10 miler time from a few years back.
  • gonna be there mates, cant wait of first 2012 run, all the best in new season for all runners image
  • When you say "undulating" Beetle, do you mean HILLS?
  • The hills to me were more rolling then anything else, no real monster hills on the course but it is really tough, a great 10 miler,you'll have a great race may see you there.
  • I'd second what comments have been left here - I've done this the last couple of years and this is a very well organised event, along rural lanes (mostly). There is a longish drag uphill about half way, with a  corkscrew turn at the end (always the worst bit I find) and a steepish hill about 8 miles, but you do get the benefit of the downhills. A good test of fitness     

  • Sounds great. Better get a bit of hill training in! Looking forward to post run pint already!
  • I ran this many yrs ago nice to see it is still going.
  • Already done a pre race run with my athletes,( David Lloyd Pacers)

    Lots of undulations with one main steady climb at around 6 miles.

    Lovely scenic course, Well marshalled. We compete year after year!

  • Looking forward to my debut at 10 miles. I am doing this partly as a build up to the Watford Half a fortnight later, so pleased to hear that there are some "undulations" to get used to.
  • Yes a great warm up for Watford half 2 weeks later

  • I should be on for this one and as with Big Roy's Dad, it will be my first 10 mile run... scary!! image

    I'll be running a 10k next weekend and another the weekend after so hopefully I'll have shaken off the Xmas laziness by then!

    Edit: Ah maybe not... have just seen it's full now image I need to start registering for these events in advance!
  • I can no longer do this run sadly as it clashes with a family event.

    I've spoken to the organisers and I can transfer my number so if anyone would like to buy my place then send me a message.
  • I have run the Fred Hughes 10 before several times but not for a few years and I see it has a 'new' course (is this the 3rd year on this route?). From a brief view of the map it appears to be the same/similar roads as those used on the current St Albans Half.
  • Looks like I'm back on this one image Thanks Johnny!!
  • Anyone got their number yet?
  • Some of my club friends have their numbers but there are a few of us that havent received our numbers yet. Fingers crossed that they arrive by Friday!
  • Mine's through. Starting to worry a bit now - am planning a 10 mile practice run tomorrow to see if I'm ready for next Sunday...
  • gonna be a bit breezy tomorrow with a chilly north westerly make sure you're dressed appropriately!! looking forward to it though!
  • Good luck everyone for tomorrow
  • 5 mins behind my only other 10 miler but I've only managed 2 runs in the last month due to illness and work commitments.  Still it was a good training run especially that neverending hill at mile 6 for Watford in 2 weeks time.  How did everyone else get on?
  • Finished in 1h24m which I was pretty proud of as my first ever 10 miler and longest i've ever ran, but still managed to come 401st out of about 700 so didn't do as well as I thought I did!!

    You lot are too fast.... ;o)
  • That's a brilliant time Sonic, well done.
  • Thanks Johnny image)
  • I enjoyed that, but it was my slowest ever 10 mile by 30 minutes! I did it in 2.05. It was my first time out since an early December Santa Run, but even so - over 2 hours! I'll be asked to drop out of the Watford Half if I'm that slow next week!
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