Injured in 2002 - entry in 2003?

What, exactly, happens when you have to withdraw and send in the sick or injured form? My knee gave out a couple of weeks before this years race, and, despite physio, ultrasound treatment, and all the rest, there was no way I was going to get round. So I sent in the form four days before the race. I haven't heard anything since, but don't I have a guaranteed entry for 2003? Anyone know when I can expect to hear about this?


  • Hi Jon,
    it might be worth contacting the organisers. I had to withdraw one year due to a stress fracture and although I can't remember exacatly when I heard from them the following year, I have a feeling it was around this time. I think all entries including guarenteed have to be in by the closing date of 29th Nov '02. So you do have a little while.
  • Hi Jon!

    I was in a similar position, having to pull out in 2002. I was worried too, so I rang them up, and they were most helpful. I haven't received anything official yet :o)

    I got the impression thjat nothing would be sent out until December, when everyone else received notification, but that I had definitely got a place. If you find out any differently then please let me know - I don't want to lose my place!

  • I had to pull out last year also. You should have received a 'priority' application around May time which had to be returned by the 14th June (If I remember correctly). This was as printed in last years Marathon News Mag. I hope you havent missed the boat - suggest you contact them ASAP.
  • I've just spoken to someone in the same situation and she withdrew by a certain date last year and let them know. As Vinny says she then received a form in May asking if she wanted her place in next year's. She had to pay the entry fee again and if she pulls out again she won't be able to carry it over another year.

    As Vinny says, give them a call as it looks as though you should have received something in May.

    Fingers crossed they let you in.
  • Yep, you should have got something by the end of May. I had to phone them quoting my refrence number & race number. After a couple of calls they sent me a 2003 entry form. That had to be in by June (can't remember the exact date) and the only confirmation you get is that your cheque has been cashed. Probably best to give the help line a call(0207 902 0189) and hopefully they'll be able to sort your entry out.
  • Thanks everyone. The situation is this: I should have received a mailing in the summer, but didn't (complicated address... don't ask). So I've missed the boat a bit, and have to appeal to David Bedford. So I've done that and am waiting for the outcome (Not that hopeful since I should have read the small print.) It's really annoying to miss out in 2002 because of injury and then to miss out again in 2003 because of muddle headedness and post problems. Still, there's the appeal, then the ballot, or a club place, or a golden bond or.. or...

    Iain - I suggest you give them a ring!

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