The Gut Buster 10 Mile

I started 2011 by running (well shuffling with a hangover) the Reading Park Run on New Year's Day.

This looks like a good way to finish 2011, although a bit tougher than a flat 5K!!

The entry list shows 30 entrants so far.  Could be a bit lonely at the backimage


  • I hope this eent is going ahead - I've not had a running number yet.

    The amount I've been eating I'll need to do two laps, and we're not into the full Christmas swing yet!!

  • I've just entered so you won't be lonely at the back image

    The race instructions I've just seen online said that race packs are collected on the day between 7.45 and 8.30am

    Good luck image

  • I've seen that too now - thanks Julzy

    Good luck to you too image

  • Race was tough but I really enjoyed it. Definately do it again. Also a nice touch with the mulled wine & mince pies.

    Does anyone know when the results will be published?

  • I really enjoyed this.... and didn't realise what a good end to a run it is to have mulled wine....I'll try not to finish all my runs with it though image

    Will definitely do it again, assuming it's on again! (are the results going to be published ?)

  • Are the photos published yet?
  • Ah.... just seen the results for the 10 miles are published... but I was a bit whimpy and did the 10K - will those results be published too ?  (not sure why I care really... but it's nice to see the speed I did it in; it was my first non-road race!!)
  • Does anyone know where the photos are?
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