Walking dead

In season 2 now on FX. I think it is pretty good but will admit it has been giving me some weeird dreams! Zombies rule!


  • I love it!
  • Anyone else got zombies licked up in their shed? Like the series but wish they would leave the woods and go back to the city for some serious zombie action!
  • I image zombies.

    I've not seen any of series two yet (I don't get the channel image) but I thought the first series was great image

  • Yes they definitely need to leave the woods. Must happen soon - guess the Barnful of zombies are going to escape soon. A step up in the zombie action is needed!
  • Zombie in the well best bit so far !
  • I love it; but it's turning into a bit more of a soap opera at the moment with not much action and more "human" stories unfolding.  Can't wait for the barn full of zombies to be unleashed, should bring on some action and get them moving on.

    Who didn't see what happened the zombie in the well coming?  T'was good though, lol.

  • Got them all on record to watch in one big go so i dont have to wait a week for episodes image
  • What is with this weird spam all the time?
  • It's the zombies!
  • Oh no! image

    Quick, hide!

  • Back on friday image Love it lots.

    Andrew Lincoln is the man, he admitted in an interview he keeps the American accent all through filming and tries to stay in "Character" all the time.

    Hope he doesnt hit the catering girl in the head with a pickaxe !
  • Yep got it series linked already!
  • Can't wait for the series to restart, amazing TV, incredible drama when the little girl walked out of the barn, bring on friday.
  • They're still televising the House of Lords then?

  • Is there anywhere to (legally) watch this online?  Don't get FX but really would like to keep up with this series as the first one had a lot of promise.
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