Wesham 10km

I did this race yesterday and wanted to say a few words about it. Third time I have done this race (2006 & 2007 were the other two times). This time I managed to rope in my father, brother and brother-in-law to do it which was their first race ever.

The first thing that I noticed was that the Salwick club which was always a base was shut and it was at the local school. Oh no how would I live without a post race pint! Off to the school to pick up our race numbers I got there for about 10:15 a little later than planned but you couldn't see anything as for the sea of people who were there. On my way to pick up mine and my wifes race numbers I saw the sheet with who was allocated what race number laid on a table. Why not use a wall? I don't know. **Be warned it may sound like I may be slagging off Wesham RR but it is just a few of the members who I had the misfortune to deal with** Some one had put their bag on the table covering up the race numbers. There was a group there so I pointed at the bag and said "whose bag is this?" No response from any body in the group (all were wearing Wesham RR clothing) this time I caught someones eye and said again "whose bag is this?" still no response I asked again and again. On the fourth time of asking I got a response which was "sorry I didn't know what you meant" how many ways can you indicate what I were talking about? Two things from this:-

1. Why not put the numbers on the wall?

2. Why put your bag on the table which was covering the race numbers?

I Found my race number and some people cleared to show me where the ladies were giving the race numbers. I collected my race number and went to get changed, I opted for the outdoors as there was no space inside, (one of the benefits of the club IMO).

I wasn't going to put this next part in but on reflection it fits in well. We all go out for a warm up my dad pratting with the start line doing 100m starts and that sort of thing. When a guy asked a marshall "Do you know where the finish is?" his reply was "yes" and stood there. I waited for an answer as I was intrigued to know where it was as well but also knew what the marshall was doing. Especially when the man said something about are you going to tell me (or words to that effect) the marshall looked at me and said "did I or did I not answer the question?" tbf he did, and I found it funny. The finish was at the school previosly it was at the club.

The start had moved with the finish I can presume that it was because of the race HQ moved. At the start a man with a megaphone was saying something but unless you were within 10 rows of him (I think it was a him) you didn't understand a word he said which to the people around me caused much amusement.


  • Then bang the race started.

    It started just behind the Shaw and Arms pub opposite BNFL, turn right go past the entrance to Salwick club. Over a couple of canal bridges and turn left onto the country lanes of Lea. Still no signs of a distance marker, I could have sworn the last time they were both in miles and km. After 8 minutes I got my answer it was in miles. Also just beyond the 1st mile I got my first shower not from above but from someone wearing a pale blue Wesham RR vest who had just spat. Fair enough it was windy and he probably wasn't aiming for me but why not spit towards the ground instead of what ever he tried to do?

    Just past the second mile marker a left turn towards the Hand and Dagger pub, another left there and towards BNFL. Then the three mile marker about half way round it said 27 minutes on my watch here. Between here and Salwick train station I got my second shower, again from someone wearing the pale blue vest of Wesham RR, this time I got his race number and unbelievably i still remember it (I am 50/50 about putting it on here). A much needed water station (an official one), thank you girls who were on there. Down towards Clifton then a left into what I call the farm land.

    This is psychological tough as the winding country roads can give you false hope that you are heading towards BNFL but it changes direction and your running away from it again. I can't really describe much here as there is nothing really to describe as it is all the same.

    Personal defeat for myself at around the 5 mile marker my right knee gave way, so after going for a pb I had to concentrate and not push my knee too much. Around 5 and 3/4 mile a quick smile to the photographer and pray that the finish line was just around this bend, around this bend no this bend.

    Finished in under 58 minutes and recieved my momento training top a very good one, I think fair to say probably the best quality top momento I have recieved.

  • Bad points

    1. If this was held in the summer months it would be a beautiful race, however with it being in November it is rather bleak. Maybe one could be organised for May time?

     2. The marshalls pointed you in the right direction but offered no encouragement unless you were wearing a Wesham RR vest. How hard is it to clap and say well done? it may not be much but that little gesture gives you a huge lift. As I said earlier in the piece I was unsure about entering the incident that happened at the start line. When you include that it does not look to good for the marshalls.

    3. My understanding is that Wesham RR use this race to advertise and promote themselves to unattached runners to join them. I am unattached and I know this does not speak to everyone who is a part of Wesham RR but the dealings I have had with some of the members has really put me off considering joining them.

    4. For myself the closure of Salwick club didn't help. As it has a lot of space so you can get things laid out and everything is open. However in this country school in the tiny hall things needed to be different. As I said in the piece why were the race numbers on the tables and not on the wall? Also there was no indicator of were to pick the race numbers up from, it was only by chance that I saw the table. Some signs and make use of the wall space.

    5. This is a pet hate of mine but at the water station cups on the floor. How difficult is it too put your empty cup in a bin? However in this case there was no bin but a woman was picking them all up. Put a bin there!

    Good points

    1. Like I said in the piece the momento was good.

    2. I didn't like the school but my wife liked it and said there was better female toilets there.

    3. A flat race where I think a pb will be on, I must know my two pbs came at this race.

    4. For a club race there is a chance to win a prize as there are lots (admittidly I think I may need to be running well into my 90's before I have chance).

    Overall a not so bad race, well organised but for a race that is nearly 30 years old some of these would have been ironed out. It may sound contary to what I said but I enjoyed myself, take out the negatives and I really enjoyed myself. Would I do it again. Probably as long as it doesn't clash with anything. I know a lot of

  • To be honest, I thought the race was pretty well organised image

    Nice fast course, I got a PB

    Good toilet facilities, cheap tea, coffee, cakes & bacon butties after.

    10 quid for a race with a long sleeved technical t-shirt can't really grumble at value.

    Wife thought similar too.
  • Chris : "a few words"!!!!????

    Why didnt you go in the Pub for a pint?? (Smiths Arms) (its not the Shaw & Arms!!!)........theres 2 further Pubs on the course (Hand & Dagger & The Windmill) plus 1 of my favourites : The Derby Arms @ Treales is only 4 miles away.

     Chris you can't half whaffle! Why didnt you just shift the bloody bag! I'm sure people weren't being deliberately rude.

    I'm a Wesham member by the way, but nothing to do with the race. I think the organsiers/volunteers did an unbelievable job . I understand people were out marking the course at 6:30am!!!! (As well as the night before).....I saw all the markers by the way 

    465 finishers in times of a recession is a great testamant to the work everyone put in

  • Hi Chris.

    Sorry your Wesham 10k experience was not entirely positive. A couple of points though.

    The list of numbers was posted on two walls and on two tables.

    We also regret the closure of the BNFL social club. It was as you say a good venue. The closure, however, was beyond our control and we are very grateful to the school for allowing us to use their facilities. The alternative would have been a couple of tents. I have to say that I have been to many races with smaller and more limited facilities.

    We, like all clubs who organise events do our utmost to provide an efficient, safe and enjoyable event. We also strive to provide good value for the entry fee. Everyone I have spoken to since the race (without exception) said they enjoyed it and appreciated the effort made by everyone at the club.

    Again, sorry you feel differently but I hope we see you back again next year. Enjoy the t-shirt.

    Dave Young, Vice Chair, Wesham Road Runners

  • Dave (and all at Wesham 10k),

    I travelled 40miles for yesterday's 10k having only heard about it as I overheard 2 lads talking about it at the Preston 10 last week. Having been running regularly for about 3 months, so still 'new' to running, and on a complete whim (that should read "the Mrs saying 'Do what you want'") I thought I'd check my progress so far and give a 10k a whizz.

     I was pleasantly surprised. Having played a fair few years of football I'm more than happy to get changed in the boot of my car. In fact, it adds to the experience and I'm not sure I'd expect anything less...as long as people are happy to see my shiny white behind as I slip into my cold weather leggings it's good enough for me!

     Pre-race I was under no illusions as to where I needed to go. I arrived at 10am and followed the masses. Race number collected...I used the list on the wall and then spoke with the lovely ladies who gave me my number and jokingly moaning at the person's hand-writing who wrote my name on the back. I think she said they were an accountant. Explains a lot!

    Back out to brave the elements...I rememebred the way back to the car park for a quick change, toilet stop (Port-a-loos an excellent idea!) and half a Mars Bar (I'm watching what I eat you see...and deep fried the other half for lunch).

    The race was clearly sign posted. Marshalls were friendly and well spaced, some clapped, others shivvered. It all added to the experience. To be honest I'm not too fussed whether they did clap or not. I was there for me, for me to run my little heart out. I'm not sure I needed clapping. A cup of bovril half way round wouldn't have gone a miss though image

    Good race. Undulating? A little more than I'm used to, but with a kick at the finish I rocked in with a PB of 8mins 30secs, just over 50minutes! I'm not sure I'll ever see those guys who were finished and at home as I collected my T-shirt but I can dream. And a lovely T-shirt too. Probably the best I have received in my short 'career'.

    Wesham RR I thank you for the experience. If you host the event next year I shall be there. Keep that £100 in your pocket though...I'm not gonna be challenging for that just yet!


  • After missing the event for a couple of years due to being away, I really enjoyed doing the Wesham 10k again. 

    Well done to Wesham RR for finding an alternative race HQ nearby after the closure of the BNFL club.  I thought it worked very well and still had catering and toilet facilities. 

     I had no trouble spotting my race number on the wall and collecting it from the ladies on the desk.  I know the (albeit slightly modified route) but a mate was asking me to describe it to him as he hadn't done it before.  Perhaps a basic route map on the wall would also be a good idea, especially with the different start and finish to past years.

    I couldn't  hear the person on the tannoy at the start line but all the marshalls on the way round were fine as far as I was concerned.  They are there for safety and to some extent route guidance and I don't particularly care if they cheer me on or not.  I totally understand that marshalls are more likely to cheer for mates and fellow club members and never give it a thought.  If anyone does cheer or give me a word of encouragement I usually give them a wave in response.

    The long sleeve t shirt at the end was excellent and overall I thought that this memento capped of an event that was well run and good value for money.


  • Hope thats an energy drink ure knocking back in profile pici

  • I think I need to defend myself here, overall I enjoyed the race. I admitted that it was a shame that the club was shut. With regards to the race numbers, when I got there I couldn't see anything on any walls, admittidly there were lots of people just standing round which blocked out most of the room. I just happened to walk past the table with the numbers on it; as I couldn't see any other sheets any where I thought that must have been it. I didn't shift the bag as there were a group of Wesham runners there I presumed (and rightly so) that it was one of theirs, why didn't I shift it? Being polite.

    I thought it was well organised overall, as some one said a route somewhere on the walls? I also didn't see the race numbers on thewall. Some signs about 8 foot from the floor just to say where things are might have helped. It was more good fortune that I saw the ladies handing out the race numbers. Obviously the club is bigger and things can get spread out a little more so it is easier to see things, however in a smaller space it is harder to see things with any space taken up by runners, spectators etc.

    Admittidly it is just myself being padentic about the marshalls, I just find it disheartening when they give all encouragement to runners of their own club and nothing to any body else.

    Overall I enjoyed it I have done it three out of the previous 6 years. I used to come over from York to do this race and used it as an excuse to see my family. I don't think I have repeated race apart from this one.

    Re-reading my post(s) I can see why it seems that I was unhappy with it but in actual truth, it was not meant to be like that. Again I enjoyed it.

  • imageHi Chris its good to see you have had time to reflect on your post but you are entitled to your opinion whether right or wrong. Next  year we will have more room as I will take the stage down as im the caretaker at the school and also a member at wesham so hope to see you there next year and if you feel like a half marathon in january try the new inskip half which you can enter online or by post happy running Alan T.image
  • The camera never lies

    You did enjoy it!!!


  • Chris

    Come over and try the Sotos 10k at Fleetwood in June, you will love it.  It is a charity race supported by Wesham Road Runners.

    PS the guy on the start line was my Dad who was probably tired having spent many hours putting the signs out (many that you would not notice, i.e. those signs off the course warning vehicles re: the race - all for the runners safety).  Funny though, Dad would normally be heard a mile away without a megaphone!

     With regards to marshals, and I enter alot of races, I always thanks them as passing and find they always acknowledge me.

    As part of a  race organising team myself, we need a minimum of 30 people for all marshal points and water stations.  These are often made up of club members but also loads of family and friends who, out of the goodness of their own heart, give up their time to assist and make these races happen - WITHOUT THEM THEY SIMPLY COULD NOT GO AHEAD.  Thanks to all marshals whoever you are!

    PPS: I am currently not a member of WRR. 

  • Erm cheers Martin, I was going to look for the photos of you but decided to trim my toe nails instead! Please tell me you purchased it that will make my day.

    Thanks Alan for your comments I actually have the Inskip half semi pencilled in but I will be doing the Central Lancs on the 2nd. I may do it though depending if I'm still able to walk especially with entries open until the 7th or 8th (depending if it fills)

    Pete when is the Sotos 10km? I may do this but I have a few things already lined up in June so I may have to miss this one out.

    Can anyone answer these, why is the club shut? and how long? (no offence to the school I prefered the club). Also when was it in the top 10 Runners World races it was either 2005 or 2006 unless it happened more recently as well.  

  • 24th June 2012 Tech T shirt to ever finisher  unless you are doing Lancaster Marathon there is nothing else on
  • Hi Chris the best man to ask is Brian Porter but the question should be when was the wesham 10k in the top 10 of runners world races and you should get the right answer. Just like asking someone do you know where the start and finish of a race is and they just say yes do you get what I mean.image
  • I presume the club shut because of the recession.
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