Glenmore 24 Trail Race - 2012 Entries Open 1/12/11

Just a heads-up that entries for the Glenmore 24 Trail Race open this Thursday the 1st December. I can't believe its been a year since Bill & I opened entries for this year's race... our first we'd ever organised. So we sat back, waited to see if anyone would enter, then would anyone turn up on the day and then wondering how the day would go. I think its fair to say that we were absolutely overwhelmed by the response from all those who ran and with that in mind we're not going to change much for next year's race.

For those who don't know, the Glenmore 24 is a 24 hour (or 12 hour) trail race set in a forest just outside Aviemore. Its quite a unique setting, certainly different from doing a 24 hour race on a track. The route is a 4 mile loop run on nice wide forest tracks and has a couple of climbs in it with a water point at the 2 mile mark. Within 100 yards of leaving the start you can't see it again until you come out of the trees on to the start/finish straight. Have a look at some of the photos on our Facebook page to see just how stunning the scenery is.

You can get a feel for the event from our Facebook page:

Anyway, entry will be via the "G24 Shop" link at and we hope to see some of you there next year!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line via the website, Facebook or on here.


  • Mike did this fill up last year? Would love to do the 24 hr but my plan next year is the UTMB if I get in, if not your race looks fantastic
  • No it didn't fill up in 2011. We're not running them for profit so didn't spend much money on promoting it apart from some fliers for running shops. The post-race response to it on Facebook and Fetch was pretty incredible though so that's why we're not sure what will happen when we take entries this year.
  • Cheers Mike, I'll keep an eye on it, UTMB ballot opens on the 16th of Dec and closes at the end of Jan so at the latest I'll know by Feb
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