Garmin 110 or 210

I am trying to decide what is the best one to get. I can't really seem to find out the main differences between them. So my question really: is to worth paying an extra £30 for the 210?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


  • The main difference I found when I was looking is the 110 only displays average pace where the 210 has a choice of average or current pace.

    I only wanted the very basic features, current pace and distance. I'm sure both watches can do a lot more but for me the 210 suited my requirements and I've been very happy with it. 

  • I think that's right, Jay.

    The most important thing is to decide what you want your GPS watch to do for you. For me, I really only wanted the basics, so the 110 does me just fine.

    There is a danger with the "cleverer" GPS devices that you end up with information overload, and over-analysing your performances.

    All a question of personal preference!

  • in depth reviews here: might help you decide.

    If this is your first sports watch, I recommend buying the cheapest to learn what you really need and then upgrade later.

    I found the choices bewildering so I bought the non-GPS FR60 first and used a smartphone GPS app with it. I then quickly learned what features I really wanted as well as finding out that a purpose built watch is better than the smartphone apps. The FR60 chest strap and footpod can be used with the higher end Garmin models afterwards.
  • I love my 110.  Does exactly what I need it to do. image  It's my first watch of this kind and I didn't want to be overloaded with diff features which would confuse me rather than help.
  • I kind of thought that the 110 and 210 were staying on the side of not to complex as I am not that serious a runner, but like it and have done a few races.

    Ah thanks Jay I hadn't quite figured that out! I'm not sure how as have spent hours looking at different ones! Think I'd rather the 210 because of that.

    WFB, that is good advice and have been doing something similar, using my ipod touch with the nike plus app for a while, although it is very inaccurate, I found it quite helpful for when I started. Now looking to upgrade to something better.

    Thanks every one been very helpful!

  • I have a 110 which I really love - does everything that I need it to do and looks just like a watch and not a bulky bit of kit.

     The only thing is that it does crash ocassionally which is really annoying because it loses all your data... grr

    Personally I would prefer having lap pace rather than current pace I think (like the 110 shows)

  • I have a 210 - well actually Garmin have it at the moment because it's dead image

     It was great whilst I was using it (all of 2 months) but i've been without it for a couple of weeks now, without news of its return.

    This appears to be a common problem with the 210. Google the Garmin forums to see if the 110 has similar issues.

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