SPOTY Nominations

Mark Cavendish

Darren Clarke

Alastair Cook

Luke Donald

Mo Farah

Dai Greene

Amir Khan

Rory McIlroy

Andy Murray

Andrew Strauss

I'm not sure why Strauss is there (as an individual rather than a team captain) and unless I've missed something Murray didn't win a major tournament this year. I can think of a couple of obvious replacements, but that would have been expecting too much I guess.


  • I was amused that non of the first 5 were English !
  • At least Cav's there again, but he'll probably be making up the numbers on the night. Mind you, with the golf vote split 3 ways, and cricket and athletics also with multiple nominations maybe an outside bet?

    Love to see Mo win it. Or Dai Greene. Well, one of those 3 anyway!
  • What about Rob Sloan?
  • Only one of the second 5 is English by birth too Dave, or did you mean British?
  • Obviously would have liked to have seen Ali Brownlee or Chrissy there but id put a sneaky bet on Cav
  • wasn't cav odds on favorite to win it?
  • probably! Bet wouldnt be that sneaky then...
  • On the plus side, no footballers!
  • As LS says i'm amazed there are no footballers on there..............Martin Johnson for coach of the year??image

  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    I was amused that non of the first 5 were English !

    You could argue that none of them bar one (Kahn) are truely English.  I hope Mo Farah gets it, although I would love to see Cavendish run him a close second.  I'm sure Cav doesn't give a stuff though.  

    The 'game' players  don't hold any water for me.  Darren Clark (a fellow countryman) is hardly the epitomy of a sporting icon.  McIlroy (another fellow countryman) is an egotistic brat IMO. 

    Cricketers did well throughout the summer, but I don't see them as top of our sporting christmas tree. 

    Great to see no rugby union players nominated, and for good reason.  I hope the road cyclists deliver on their potential in the next couple of years, that would be a real scoop.

  • I bet Tom Daley is worried if Tuilagi carries on with his diving careerimage

  • I can't believe no woman on the bet is that the sports correspondents on the magazines and papers who nominated were virtually all men.............

    No Chrissie again
  • No Jess Ennis ;-(

    No Brownlees image

    No Chrissie image

    No Pirates for Team award ;-(

  • It's bollocks.
  • Indeed. Shame on them for thinking that a tennis player who doesn't win much, and three random golfers are better than two female triathlon (multiple) world champions.

    On the other hand, you don't expect x-factor to find a songwriting genius, so why should SPOTY find the real sports personalities? image

    Do expect better from the BBC though, but maybe that's old fashioned of me.

    Hope Cav wins, but shan't be watching it.

  • SPOTY is a load of irrelevant back-slapping bollocks.
  • On the BBC sports website it explains how the BBC came to their shortlist.  By asking several newspapers, some national some local, and a few magazines, they took the most popular nominees.  The Manchester papers had Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes and Patrick Viera FFS!!

    A couple had Chrissie and Alistair Brownlee, but the final list appears to be pretty consistant across the board.  Lack of publicity, or conversely a glut of media coverage in the more popular sports will always win the day in this sort of thing.

    To think I used to look forward to watching SPOTY.  Now I see it as cringeworthy as QoS, another that has lost its way..

  • Question of Sport is one of the most gruesome pieces of telly on the box.
  • I'm cringing right now lol.
  • They asked Zoo and Nuts magazine apparently...both well known literary publications
  • Ooh I read both of those image
  • Flat Foo.ted wrote (see)
    They asked Zoo and Nuts magazine apparently...both well known literary publications
    And there's still no females on the list? image
  • The cricketers are on the list because they weren't recognised for retaining the Ashes in Australia last year - last year's the ceremony was during the tour. They also trounced India here and became No 1 Test team in the world. That really is something worth celebrating.
  • Cav is odds on favorite to win with all the bookies

    Odds checker

  • Surprising really - I'd have thought the golfer and the cricketer might have more mass market appeal just because of the sports they are in. Personally I'd have it between Cav and Mo Farah - even though I'd like a cyclist to win I think maybe Mo Farah's achievement is the greater this year - though Cav is probably more deserving if you take their careers over a few years.
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