Tor des Geants...

Tor des Geants

over 200 miles, 24000m of climbing, starts and finishes in Courmayeur


  • Yes, I read about this one the other day - looks "interesting" image
  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭
    i thought from the title it was about a cottaging holiday.
  • Ooh ya bugger, that looks fantastic, fairly reasonable time limit too........
  • I wondered when you'd be along LI... image
  • Well I'll tell you what, if you stop posting links to bigger and more exciting races I'll stop behaving like a dribbling eejit and thinking ' I wanna do that'   image

         As an aside I had a nice chat with Mimi after the Likeys run about the 6633 and my wife has provisionally given me permission to look into it seriously for 2013, well either that or the YAK.

     Next year pretty much everything depends on the UTMB and you can take full responsibility for that one, if I get in it's that and the SDW100 which are my main focuses for the year, if I don't then the Glencoe 24 around the same time looks good

  • tell you what LI - I'll be your bookings agent and take 50% of your winning fees....

    hang on - summat wrong there..... image

    20 years ago, I'd have gone for the 6633 like a shot but I'm too frigging old now to start on the nutty ones - I like my home comforts too much I guess
  • Dan ADan A ✭✭✭
    Did you hear the one about last year's winner who was disqualified after taking the wrong path from the last checkpoint to the finish line. He'd only been running for four days non-stop
  • Seems a little harsh!

    Not sure I'd be taking any path at that stage image

  • I read that the other day Dan but to be fair, the bloke admitted the error, and agreed that the DQ decision was correct under the circumstance - he missed a checkpoint taking the wrong trail. I wonder how many others would agree a DQ was right after 4 days on their pins??

    story here
  • Ok UTMB entry is in but if I'm not successful I'm pretty sure I'll go in for this.
    Has anyone from here done it or know anyone who has?
  • Wanted to do the TDG but failed to get the leave from work, so it will have to be 2013 now! the video on the website looks great.
  • Entries to this beast open tomorrow - any takers?
  • Sadly yes, probably foolishly but I'm a sucker for a challenge
  • me too - urgent negotiations required at home this evening imageimage
  • I'm sure we'll talk about this quite a bit in the coming months Rich
  • Only if my serious begging is successful!! Bribery will be required
  • Shoes are usually a good starter for ten image
  • May require more than that!!
  • Well ......that didn't go well......
  • For me either as it happens....
  • It went something like this:

    "You know that race in Italy? Can I......"


  • We had an hour long discussion about relative wage contributions, projected expenses towards the end of the year, needing a new kitchen then moved onto my lack of experience in multi day events before finally finishing on the limited training time I'll have during the Olympic period.
    Then she said no.
  • Lol - mine was a little briefer and the final nail in the coffin was:

    "Oh, just do what you like"


  •    So are you going to? image

  • I'm not that brave - I can run for hours & hours, ignore the physical and mental pain and anguish but I'm not that crazy image

    Was hoping for a "on 2nd thoughts" phone call or text this morning but that's being overly optimistic and very naive!!

  •     I'm in two minds, I still think it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Maybe I should have just entered and then told her......

  • Yes, I was wondering that too - the wonder of hindsight! It worked last year but that was for single day events.

    Having done The Spine this year and re-entered already for next year perhaps I was pushing my luck!!

     Just seen that the entry fee is 50% refundable if you wwithdraw - hmm....worth gambling €175....??

  • This may be the flip of a coin for me, I've had a look at the ultra calender for Sept/Oct and there's nothing really that excites/scares me as much as the TdG
  • Exactly how I feel too - need a biggggg challenge
  • Well I tried to enter but it seems the site crashed then froze on the entry screen, they've just posted that registration has now closed image
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