starting from scratch?

I got a place at Edinburgh marathon in May 2012, and as you can imagine I am seriously starting a training schedule and follow it.

But i am confused about something:

At the moment I run about three or four days a week. The other days I do sports and cross train, like swim, martial arts, gym, etc.

When I run, I run minimum of 1 hour, (60 minutes) for a short run, and about 90 to 120 minutes for a long run.

I have never run a marathon before or any big races, so I consider myself a beginner.

All the schedules I see start from scratch. They are starting from about 30 minute jog and then building up gradually, which makes sense, but I was wondering if I should follow one of those schedules and start from scratch, although I am able to do more?

What do people think?

Should you follow a marathon training program even if you can do more in the beginning?


  • which schedules are you looking at....if you are looking at a beginers marathon schedule they will start from low bases.........there are loads on here that have different starting points as well as others.

    Good luck

  • Find a schedule that suits your current fitness - they all have variables.
  • I've been trying to use the beginners training plan on the vlm website. However, I'm really struggling mainly becuase I have a tendency to get really tight calf muschles which spasm when I run.  Tonight's short 20 min run, for example, was excrutiating.

    Anyone else having the same problem and do you have any suggestions that might help me?

  •  Congratulations Fatima, just do what feels comfortable. If you think that you push a bit harder than beginner training plans do so and adjust the plans appropriately ... you'll soon find out what you can and cannot do.


  • I haven't run a marathon... but I would say you obviously have a very good base of fitness if you are regularly running for 60-120 minutes. I rarely run for as long as 120 and have been running for a few years now.

    I would say you would get more benefit from just doing as many miles as possible and maybe looking to extend your long run to 150 minutes and maybe eventually 180 minutes.

    I don't think, given your current level of training, that 30 minute jogs would be of any particular benefit...
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