Smoking... It's not good.

Hi guys,

Been lurking for a while, but thought its about time I post.

Basically, decided to start losing weight in March this year. Hit me target last week, having lost 5 stone. In the process, I've developed a love for running. Started as a means of burning calories, then upping the miles and loving the feeling of challenging myself.

Well, anyway, I've kept smoking throughout... Even training for my first half. Now started training for a spring marathon and need to quit.

Got my last six cancer sticks in my pocket, bought nicotine lozenges and ready to do this...


  • 5 stone?  That's awesome, well done.  If you can do that, you definitely have the strength to quit the cancer sticks!
  • 5 stones since March is amazing! Well done, and as soon as you stop smoking you are bound to find your running improves loads!

    chuck the last six in the bin and start now. After the first few days it is only about willpower, if you want to quit you can! Avoid situations that you associate with smoking - eg if you normally have a few beers and smoke, don't have the beers in the first place and then it is easier to not smoke

  • Well done BoDuke image !!

    You'll get added motivation when you find the running easier and your times get faster as a result of not smoking!

  • Thanks folks.

    The little voice in my head it going 'you'll put the weight back on'. Got to ignore it...

    Works gonna be the major issue. Those few minutes away from it are priceless, but needs must. I don't even like it any more.
  • I've been running and smoking for around 2 years, I've smoked for around 5 years...  I've quit a couple of times before, lasting once for 2 months and another time for 3 weeks...     I recently quit again (last Friday), and I hope that's it now, it's just when partying/drinking its the hardest.   it's on your mind a lot for the first 3 days but after that I find it quite easy (as long as im not drinking booze), obviously depends on how long you've been smoking though, good luck anyway.  

    I found this the other day :

    Quite interesting, I liked where it says after 3-6 months your lung capacity goes up by 10%... that must be good for running! image

  • Hi Adrinik,

    Been smoking since Uni, so 19 years now. Stopped a couple of times for a few months.

    Good luck with your attempt. 10% improvement is amazing. Got to help with speed and everything. And it saves a massive amount of money, which can only help.

    Going to have to watch the booze too.

    Like all addictions, it's about going round and round a wheel, trying, relapse and trying again. This one has to be it now.

    Good to have someone to quit with!

  • Thanks Saffy. Can't wait for better running for minimum effort...
  • Good on you Bo

    I gave up around twenty years ago, having a 30 a day hibit at age 18 (started when I was 11).  My motivation then was falling pregnany with my first born. My motivations since then has been the moral high ground and emotional blackmail I can use against my now teens should they ever feel brave enough to be found smoking by me!

    Seriously though, if you can nail running, you can most definitely knock this for six.  You just need to apply the same deterination and stubborness and try not to be too much of a grumpy git when the cold turkey kicks in. 

    Best of luck to you and huge congrats on the weight loss and running to date! 

  • I stopped on the 15th December last year and haven't looked back...........first week is hard, finding things to occupy your mind and hands is tough.....every time i fancied a fag i did 20 press ups (ok looked odd at the bus stop but hey). Stick at it.
  • When I ran the 2008 Great North Run, I was still smoking 30 a day. Packed in the following April and haven't had a ciggie since.  I guess it was running (and my fitness in general) that was the thing that kept me focussed on staying off them. I had been smoking for 25 years and it was just the right time to stop.

    Well done for taking the first step. Expect 3-4 days of discomfort and then it will get easier.

    I think you seem to have found something that you love doing that can help the smokefree journey to be less of a problem. You can easily make running your new addiction. It's a no brainer.

    Take it 1 hour at a time and build on every passing day

    Good luck.

    (go easy on the lozenges - they help, but they are not easy to kick)

  • Keep up with the fag quiting. I found the patches the easiest (cheapest i found was in Wilko's), but don't wear them in bed as you won't sleep! WIllpower is needed as well. The first week is tough, so make sure you don;t have any temptations - good luck
  • Day One: Ok, willpower feels strong. Down the pub later with a few friends, first test.

    Hoping it helps with the stinking cold I've got from my 17 month old...
  • at least you can't smoke inside the pub, and it is cold to stand outside now for a smoke!
  • Totally, would be freezing bits off that I need.
  • The patches worked for me. Lots of deals and discounts on them now so they cost less than the smoking they replace. I just bought loads of the step 1 patches and then cut them in half after a few weeks to simulate the step 2 which were sold at the same price.

    They work but I always found that the real test came several months down the line when I thought I was safely quit and on the straight and narrow.

  • Both times I've quit I've used patches and strong sugar-free mints, the mints help with the need to put something in your mouth and a strong mint taste stops you feeling so hungry.  The running will help stop any weight gain too.  Like Muttley I chopped the big patches in half after a few weeks as it's much cheaper!!

    Good luck, hope that your trip to the pub is fun and you can enjoy without worrying about the fags the whole time.

  • When I'm out of lozenges I'll move over to patches and cut them up, hadnt thought of that one. Thanks for the tip. Nearly got tempted to order a massive pizza at lunch, which would have been very bad indeed...
  • 96 hours. Three days to first major target... Having bad, life threatening smelly habit!!!
  • well done, if you can get through the first through days you can keep it up
  • it will be the best thing that you do, trust me I'm six months in to quitting now having smoked 20+ a day for about ten years. Have seen my times over 5 miles go from 42:23 minutes in June to 33:03 two weeks ago.  I have kept a diary so that I can monitor my progress which helps.  Saying that, I'm gagging for a fag now as I've got a guiness on the go!!  It does get easier but the challenge always seems to remain!

  • Hi nick, that is a massive reduction in time. Read about the 10% improvement, but that's what... 25% Good work fella.

    Been off since Tuesday evening now. Getting easier... But really strange thing is gagging for one after a run, madness. Diary sounds like a good idea, gonna try that.
  • im intending to quit also starting very soon, im worried i'll go crazy on the building site not smoking.

    i literally finish my training runs then have a fag, not good!

  • Hi Seb,

    I was doing that too. Made me think that it's really not right. All that effort and then lighting on up.

    Can appreciate how hard it is to quit on a building site if everyone else smokes, nightmare.

    I've made a week now. Join me in the world of the clean lungs.
  • Hey BoDuke

    Good on ya!  You seemed to be coping really well when I saw you.  You got my vote!  image

  • Thanks sleepybear,

    Sucking away on the lozenges like a kid in a sweets hop..

    Been just over a week now. Real test is going to be the work do on Saturday night... Most of them smoke plus beer.

    Must try to remember that I've got a five mile race the next day, so easy on the booze.
  • You've got mine too!
  • Bo..well done and keep going mate.After 5 attempts I finally gave up 3 yrs ago on 1 December...completely changed my life.If you get a bit desperate for a fag get yourself down to the docs and get some champix on prescription,brilliant stuff,I really feel I couldnt have stopped without them,willpowers a bit lacking in me sometimes...Youll notice big changes in your lungs the more you run,you wont stink of bad breath but you will soon be noticing other peoples smokey breath,yuk!!..Your hair and clothes wont stink,youll save loadsa money..1 week,2weeks,a month,2months,3 months,6months,a year!!,all milestones Bo..I dont know why I started all those years ago.i smoked for over 30years so it is possible to stop...If you need a chat anytime Im sure the peeps,including me would be more than happy to offer some advice and encouragement..keep going

  • Thanks Andy and well done after 30 years mate!

    I've noticed my sense of smell has started to improve already and other people's smoky clothing/breath. It's really not nice. Looking to Tuesday evening as week two beaten.

    Thinking about it, I'm not sure why I did either... 19 and should have known better. Oh well.

    Thought about champex, might try to get some off my GP if I really start to struggle. But (touch wood) I've just been out for a four miler and not had any NRT yet... Oh now thinking about it...

    Sorry about the link, but adding it to the threads I'm on, looking for votes. Was sucking away on the lozenges during the bootcamp day. Not a good look.
  • smoking sucks!
    throw your last cigarettes to the bin, read Allen Carr book and be happy;
  • People who have met me at races (I've been on this forum for a good 10 years) will be surprised to know that I only properly stopped smoking a few weeks ago. I smoked for 30 years, although the last 10 years were very much off and on, gradually more off until it kind of fizzled out by itself. It's a lot harder to fully give up than many would credit. By properly stopped, I mean off the tabs and the patches and NRT devices.

    One tip: the more you post and think about stopping smoking, the longer you maintain an awareness of the habit in your mind. Not trying to put a dampener on it, but the best way to stop smoking (imho of course) is to do it in your own time and not tell anyone about it. Otherwise, they keep asking if you're still off them. By the time they notice, you should be safe.

    So take this advice in the correct spirit when I say - just do it and shut the feck up about it!


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