Harrow Hill 6

Great race - don't miss it!!!!!!


  • Don't intend to - fantastic race....
  • Thinking of doing this...how hilly is it?
  • have heard of this one before, but always wondered why it isn't 6.2miles, thus 10k?!

    Or is the quirky distance the appeal?
  • Stevie G - I think the quirky distance is the appeal (a bit like the Ricky Road run being 9 miles...)

     Slowkoala - this is also my training route. There's a sharp short hill at the beginning and after that it is a slow up hill and fast downhill via Harrow School (it starts on the school's playing field so you can stand at the start and admire the school and its facilities) - very friendly even at the back, which is where I will be this year.

  • Thanks, is the sharp hill the road that leaves Harrow school up tp the road? And which hill is the slow up one? Think I need to build in some hill practice if going to attempt this one...!
  • I thought there was a route map for the race but there isn't 


    The slow one up is Peterborough Road up to Harrow on the Hill High Street but then you go down London Road (I'm reading this off of my Garmin Connect page)

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks Corky, will have a look to see if it's within my grasp...!
  • Slowkoala

    Route map now up on website


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    One of my clubs is hosting this. The reason it isn't a 10k is that the local geography was against it. Its a 2 lap course and to fit that extra 400m in would put the start and finish outside the site. The start/finish are staggered 200m apart as it is.
    For what its worth, the time that you clock for this race equates for what you would do on a flat 10k.
    Despite its title I don't feel the course is particularly hilly. The first and fourth mile are up but that's about it.
    The secret of how to deal with this race is to run easy the first mile. The 2nd mile is a mad charge down with the 3rd undulating.
    Even now I wonder how I ever ran 33 mins on this course.
  • 33 minutes! Thats an excellent time! I hope I can get somewhere near the 40 minute mark. Great race!
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