Sub 30:00 10k ?



  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Harry, your trainer must be a pretty recent addition to your running, to not mention this before, as your other thread was also pretty recent and most people on there spotted the errors in seconds.  If he/she is recent, who gave your times to Div 1 / 2 NCAA universities?  You haven't posted any race times, so what's got them interested?

    Please race, to put everyone out of their misery!  Then we can see an unbiased measurement of how good you really are.  There are plenty of other guys who have gone through this kind of 'abuse' and then either disappeared because it was justified, or come back and proven the forum wrong and themselves right.  Even if they haven't been quite as good as they thought, just getting out and proving their level and coming back to post it and where it can be verified has earned respect.

    Unverifiable performances, whether genuine or fake, do not carry any weight.

    As to addylad's comment about your last sentence being spot on, I wondered if he meant your whole post.  If you did get into an English speaking university I for one would assume it was for your sporting prowess, so I'd believe you then...

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Personally, Lucky, I'd pity the guy who has to join the thread simply to comment on the thread, and not offer anything else, except a sidewise swipe at the OP that is exactly what the rest of the thread has already moved past.

    Classic trolling, and it didn't take more than one post.

    Goddamn, and I fell for it...

  • Ratzer, it's just Jokerman/Jack the Mack/One Eyed Undertaker, back again...yawn.

     He'll be banned tomorrow no doubt...again.

  • Call me what you like as tomorrow you'll be gone...again....yawn

  • Fascinating stuff. When will we learn to stop getting excited that someone may be  amonsgt us with a genuine new talent. Even though I know it's coming I can't help but feel disppointed when it all turns out to be utter bollox.

    On another point why do people feel the need to start cyberfights with cheap shot remarks. Bugger off LW and get a life.

  • Yifter... is that you??
  • Ratzer - anyone who comes on here and claims to have quality times without any proof will obviously be either a bit dim or looking for a reaction. For wasting our time we have every right to take the piss out of the OP. Don't complain about those who replied, complain about someone who is blatantly trolling. Anyone who offers sensible replies is just feeding the troll.
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